Sincere apologies but the event scheduled to take place this Saturday has been cancelled due to a number of circumstances it will be impossible to hold the art and craft funday this weekend but, it will be rescheduled for  date later in the year. 

Apologies once again.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.



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4 responses to “***EVENT CANCELLED***

  1. isaacsenglishrose

    Please could you send me your UK address, as I have many sweaters to send

    • Emma

      Apologies for the delay in replying. The UK address is Algerian Action, 85 clementina Road, London, E10 7LT

      If you need any further information please do get in touch.
      Best regards, Emma

  2. oum

    We were very disappointed today, when my friends and I as well as our
    childrens arrived to participate to the fun day, and there was nobody …. We were very disappointed specially the children who were very excited about it.
    I find that the message of cancellation arrived a little late!!!!

    • Emma

      Dear Oum,
      I can only apologise for the disappointment caused to you and your family. Regrettably the cancellation was completely unavoidable due to a number of issues. However, we do plan to incorporate the craft day with our Spring fair next year. I do hope the disappointment over this event will not prevent you from attending future events.
      Thank you for supporting Algerian Action.
      My apologies once again, Emma

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