It’s been a while….

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and I really aught to post an update. I have been meaning to for a while just, with a new baby and so many other things to do time is really running away from me at the moment. Anyway…….

So many beautiful donations have arrived over the past weeks, far too many for me to post pics of but below are just a few of the lovely things people have sent in.

   We have started distributing the baby bags and they are being really well received with new mums being so appreciative. This is an ongoing project so we really need donations of baby clothing and blankets. Things can be new or pre-loved but must be in excellent condition.

  For the regular supporters you may remember the story of  Abdullah , the little boy who regularly needs medical treatment following a botched operation when he was a small baby. Well, the boy and his father were met a few weeks ago when they were in London for  treatment. Thanks to your generosity we were able to give a donation of money towards the next treatment session along with a big box of ‘mega blocs’ building bricks and a set of 3 sensory toys.  Abdullah’s father was thrilled! it was also wonderful to hear from him that the treatment is beginning to work and that his son who could previously not move at all is now able to make small movements and smile- hopefully he will continue to make such good progress.

Next week two big boxes full of coats and jackets will be sent over to Algiers in preparation for winter. Last year it got so cold it even snowed so we really hope to make sure as many children as possible have warm things to wear. Coats, jackets, jumpers, jeans… they are all needed. Please help in any way you can.


As always thank you so much everyone for all of your help and support.

Have a great week!

Emma x




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6 responses to “It’s been a while….

  1. ummy

    Jazakkalahu Gairan Emma for the update .

  2. Sophia

    Hi Emma,
    I have some bags of clothes and bottles to donate but someone has to come to pick them up as I don’t have a car.
    Are you interested in? I live in Bow

    • Emma

      Hi Sophia, Thank you so much for offering your donations, it would be great to have them!
      Yes someone can collect them from Bow, perhaps if you can email your address and say when is convenient we can make arrangements. (

      • Sophia

        Ok! I check with my husband to see when he can be there (I think a week end) and I come back to you inshallah 🙂
        Just for information: are you sending the clothes to Algeria?

      • Emma

        No problem Sophia,
        Yes, all of the items donated are sent to Algeria. At the moment we only distribute things to people living in Algiers, insha’Allah in the future we will be able to give to people in other areas too.

      • S C

        Salam Ailikoum Emma, I am Sophia I live in Poplar. I got lots of bags of clothes (boy and girl clothes) to give and I also got a box with bottles and a stereliser for bottles. Can anyone come to collect them this Sunday or another weekend day? My address is 302 Devons Road E3 3PN, my number is 07907 324 780. All the best, Sophia

        Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 08:31:41 +0000 To:

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