A year in review

If everyone in the UK donated just £1 each over £62 million would be raised. Imagine how may water wells that could build in Ethiopia, how many people it could feed in Liberia, how many cataract operations it would fund in India or indeed how many blankets it could provide to the many thousands of homeless people living on the streets of the UK itself ………

Okay, I know that is not going to happen but, my point is that collectively even the smallest  individual gestures made by a group of people can make a big difference to people in need. That if everyone pulls together things can happen and do happen.

Do you remember Abdel Kader? we bought him a wheelchair back in March. Through your donations of glasses we were also able to help 123 people with their sight problems.


Do you remember Abdullah Salim? In October we were able to contribute to his medical fees. We also bought medicine for over 200 people who were unable to pay the costs themselves.



Through our baby pack project we have been able to  provide hundreds of mothers with clothing for their newborns.


Plus items donated to our Eid Appeal enabled us to give gifts, sweets and new clothes to 762 children in the summer.


We have been able to provide food  to children and families in need and distribute thousands of items of clothing.




All of these people have been assisted by money raised through our fundraising efforts: Our spring fair, attending events, individual donations and the sale of our cookery book. They have been helped because the general public have been supportive and donated a huge amount of clothing, toiletries, toys and other essentials and of course not forgetting all those that generously donate their time.

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Collectively we have made a difference: through our gestures we have made the lives of some of those experiencing the effects of poverty a little bit easier. So thank you, thank you all for your enormous generosity and for caring enough to want to help .

There is still a long way to go and so much more that can be done. So, I really hope I can count on your continued support throughout 2013!

Some exciting things are planned but, more on that in my next post.




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