Mid month

I can’t believe that we are already more than half way through January- how time flies!

The Travelling library is one of our big projects for this year and it is scheduled to be operational this Summer. As I have mentioned before to make it all work we really need to have books (obviously!) and you lovely supporters haven’t let us down! Books sure have been dropping through the letter box at great speed. Our initial target is to have 1,000 books and just over two weeks into the year ,we have  got almost half that- which is just unbelievably fantastic!

midmonth3 midmonth4

In addition to the books, we need to get a couple of book trolleys something along the lines of these:


So to help us fund those, for the month of March we will be holding a ‘Bake for Books’ campaign where we are basically asking people to hold small cake related events among their family, friends or colleagues. A coffee morning, a bake sale, a tea party…..nothing large scale (unless you want it to be 🙂 ) There will also be a few fun give-aways of baking related items which have already been generously  donated to us by a couple of companies. I hope you will participate- every £1 will make a real difference as it  will enable us to get the library up and running in the summer and begin providing this much needed service to children in hospitals, schools, orphanages and other community venues.


Other fab items and gorgeous baby packs have also been donated so, thank you for those too!

midmonth1 midmonth11

On another note, you may remember the little girl I mentioned in November that was unable to speak. Well on Sunday the Target of £2,000 was met and she will be having the operation done in the very near future. Thank you so much to those who contributed or bought the book: it’s wonderful to think that this little girl will now, not need to remain silent.

Have a great weekend everyone and as usual huge thanks for all of your help and support!



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6 responses to “Mid month

  1. Sophia

    Salam Emma,

    I still have clothes and bottles to donate (3 bags maybe more). But someone needs to pick them up from my house. I live in bow. Are you still interested in?
    Take care and a huge big up for what you are doing for Algerian people 😀

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam Sophia,
      Masha’Allah that’s wonderful. It will be my dh collecting so just let me know when is the most convenient time insha’Allah.
      Thank you so much for your help and for the huge hug! x

  2. Melika

    Salamu aleikum Emma.
    I have got some books to donate, just have to get day sorted to come and drop them to you.

    Melika x

  3. Oh ma sha Allah so glad the target was reached for the little girl’s operation. Do you have other specific projects that the funds from the book will go to? And definitely in on the bake for books in sha Allah!!! 🙂

  4. Jazaki’Allahu khair for the update. Everything looks awesome, tabarak’Allah.

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