January round up

January was a been a super busy month!

Our book appeal has really taken off and in just one month we have managed to collect almost 700 books of superb quality. We have a target of 1,000 which we need to reach before the summer when the library is due to open so, there is still a little way to go .

Below are just some of the books received in the last week or so.


Fab clothing has also been donated this month, including some lovely things for our baby pack project. The warmer weather will soon be here in Algeria so we are now starting to collect t.shirts, shorts ect so that it can all be shipped over in good time.



As I mentioned in a previous post, this year we will be assisting a women’s refuge. So far we have already given some toiletries, underwear and other essentials. The refuge  has a number of children there and a small play area has been created. We plan to develop this further and supply the organisation with a number of things for the children that live  there. These donated toys will help us make  a start.

JANROUND5  We have recently started working with a school in Baraki, Algiers and it is through them that we heard about the disabled teenager that had stopped going to school because her father was unable to continue carrying her in. Thanks to your generosity in just a few days we were able to raise enough to buy her a wheelchair.

During the fundraising campaign we were contacted by someone who wished to pay the whole amount, at that time the total had almost be raised so, it was suggested that this person could instead pay for a wheelchair for another, younger disabled  girl who attended the school. The supporter happily agreed, so January also saw two disabled girls become more mobile (pictures to follow). It seems that there are several children in need of this type of assistance and we are now looking into the best way we can try and help.

As always huge thanks for your tremendous support!

Have a fantastic February!

Emma x 



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6 responses to “January round up

  1. Sophia

    Mashallah Emma! You ar doing a great job with your charity! Well done!
    I need to contact you to send someone to pick up clothes and other little things but I need to tidy up my children’s wardrobe. am sure there are more clothes and toys to give.
    When are you sending everything?

    • Emma

      Alhamdulillah lots of donations are being received and distributed to those in need.
      Things are sent over on a monthly basis. The next lot will be sent at the end of February plus I will be going for a short stay myself so will take some things then too insha’Allah. Let me know when you need the donations collected!

  2. anna

    Could anybody collect a huge amount of clothes and toys from SW8?
    I do not have a car.
    Thank you,

  3. Sophia

    Salam Emma

    I sent you an email a month before maybe you did not receive it. Can someone collect the bags of clothes I got please next week end please? I’ll send you my details once you answer me.
    Many thanks

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