It has been a while.

Salaam and hello dear friends, readers…

It has been such a long time since I have written here. Too long really.

As you know last Summer I moved to Algeria. It has been such an experience for me- one filled with joy and laughter and of course a few tears. Life in North Africa is so different to life in London and while I am one for embracing change and adventure, it does still take some adjusting. So, so many things have happened on a personal level- births, deaths and marriages -they have all put in an appearance these past months.

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And then of course there is Algerian Action. I may not have been posting but, we have still been working hard. We have gifted hundreds of items of clothing and essentials to those in need and have been able to discover different ways that people need assistance and that due to the location of the country there are a great number of displaced people that really need help. We have been able to establish links with more orphanages, ones that are not the biggest and most widely known, so are more in need of help.

We have some new exciting projects lined up for 2015, the one that I am most excited about is one that will support children with special needs. As a trained special needs teacher it breaks my heart to see that Algeria is so lacking in this area. There are many psychologists, psychiatrists and other medical practitioners that can diagnose and medicate but, there is hardly any support for children that have additional needs and their parents….and specialist equipment and educational resources well, don’t get me started. This is where we intend to help:  we will be distributing specially created sensory packs to children. We are working with a small number of parent led groups to ensure that the children who really need this type of help get exactly what they need.

We have also been working on a second book, this time one for children. It is an activity book that is packed full of interesting facts, fun activities and colouring pages. It should be available soon.

Things are happening, moving and developing. I promise I wont leave it so long to post again.

Have a great week!

Emma x



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6 responses to “It has been a while.

  1. Ariss

    Salam alaykoum dear Emma,

    MashaAllah realy happy to have news from you. This project is very necessary may Allah reward u.

  2. Del

    Salam aleikoum sister,I am Delphine from London my husband is from Algeria and I would love to get involved with your projects. I lived in Algeria for 8 months so I completely understand the upside down.
    Good luck

  3. Salam aleikum Emma, it is good to hear from you, and that all is fine. May Allah give you strength to live in Algeria, which is not that easy. Do you know this facebook group? It is a group of foreign sisters who moved to Algeria. They are very supportive and have even meetings etc.

    It would be good, if you could write more about what kind of help for the children with special needs is needed. Making or buying special need toys?

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam sister,
      Yes, I do know the group and am a member. I also go to the monthly expat get togethers which are lovely!

      The details are being finalised about the special needs packs but it will be a combination of made and bought things…I’m really hoping we can make the bags and some sensory type toys. I will write up some ideas and things very shortly- I would welcome your ideas too sis if you have any.
      Emma x

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