Knitting and crochet donations & a challenge!

Lots of beautiful baby blankets have been arriving which is wonderful as these are so very needed for our baby packs at the moment. Here are just a few,thank you so much to all of those who have donated!

blankets1 blankets3 blankets4 blankets5 blankets2 pink cardigan

Yes,I know we are still in August but, Autumn is just around the corner and my thoughts are already turning to the colder months and thinking of ways to ensure that those in need are kept warm enough throughout Winter.

For a long time now we have given handmade blankets out- (made from squares as it is soooo much more manageable to knit a 6” square than it is to make a great big blanket all by yourself!) but, this week I saw something that looked amazing…a dressing gown/long cardigan/coat that was made from squares. How much easier it would be to stay warm each day by wearing a piece of clothing made from squares rather than needing to swaddle up in a blanket.

crochet jacket

So is anyone up for the challenge? I have worked out that roughly it will take 112 (gulp!)  5” squares to make one dressing gown/coat that will fit most people.

If you would like to join in and help those in need in this way all you need to do is knit or crochet a 5” square and send it in….or if you are feeling really brave and energetic you could have a go at making a whole one by yourself!

All colours and types of yarn can be used.

Cant wait to see what beautiful creations we can come up with!


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