Parlez vous francais?

This isn’t my usual type of request for help but, I know that our followers are such a fabulously mixed bunch of people that I am hoping and praying that there is at least one of you that is fluent in French who could help me out with translating some information. It’s not ‘War and Peace’ just some promotional material…Anyone?……please…


If you can spare the time, you really would be doing me a huge favor!

Right, back to emu-making!

Emma x



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8 responses to “Parlez vous francais?

  1. Sophie Franc

    Assallahmualeikum sister, I am French and I can have a look and try to translate for you inshAllah.
    I would be happy to help inshaAllah!
    Please contact me by email.


  2. Del

    Salamaylaikoum , I am also a french speaker and would love to help . E-mail me at

  3. Sophia

    I can help you if you want I am French. If you need don’t hesitate to contact me! 😊

  4. Hi Emma

    My husband could help if necessary.  He was a French teacher in Algeria.

    Best wishes

    Carol xx

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