Who do we help?

The other day someone asked me who were the ‘type’ of people that we help. Type of people? well I said, we help… people. Just people, there is no type. Because here’s the thing, the people who we help are just the same as you and me. Today I’m doing OK and I hope you are too but, in the blink of an eye it could all be gone and I could be the one in need of help, just like you could.

In Algeria, there are many people whose lives are balanced on a knife edge. All it takes is one small change and everything can come tumbling down. There isn’t a safety net…there isn’t something in place to tide people over . No work means no food and if renting, no home either it is as simple as that. The fortunate have friends or family who can help out but, it’s not a long term solution nor is it guaranteed. This is exactly what has happened to Rachida, a lady I found out about yesterday. She got divorced, she was made redundant, she now lives with her son in a dilapidated building with no bathroom and no heating. A place with cracks on the walls and broken windows. A home with a kitchen that has fallen apart and a sink without plumbing. She has literally no income and relies on friends for food.


Rachida’s Kitchen

So, who do we help? we help the Rachida’s of the world, we help the people that need it and do as much as we can because in the blink of an eye it could so very easily be you or me walking in Rachida’s shoes.

Emma x



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3 responses to “Who do we help?


    Assalamu alaikum Emma, What you say it is absolutely right. things may change in the blink of the eye. may Allah ta’ala reward you ameen. i pray Allah to make things easier for our sister Rachida. may Allah Ar-Razzaq provide for her ameen. some time ago i came to know about a project. a friend of mine was helping some African women providing for them not money but the means to work such as a sewing machine, or items to sell. so that those women may get money and reinvest it to create a small personal business. this could be an idea to help Rashida set up a small business for her. may women in Algeria can sew and sell their stuff like baby blankets or baby duvets to the shops.

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam Cinzia, Ameen to your dua! Your suggestion is a fantastic one masha’Allah. We have in the past supplied women with baking equipment so that they could provide for themselves by selling bread etc and we have also given men small, interest free start up loans so that they could buy a box of products to sell and then reinvest and these were all successful alhamdulillah. We really must try and start up an ongoing scheme that would offer this type of help so that those in need are enabled to escape poverty. BarakaAllahu fiki for your input!

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