Assalaamu alaikum, hello, hi…………Thank you for dropping by.

My name is Emma Waller, I have run this little charity for about a decade now.

It all started after a holiday to Algeria, my husband is Algerian and we went to visit his family. I found it to be such a beautiful place with warm, friendly people- We had a great time!

But one thing really stuck with me, the children didn’t seem to have much ‘stuff’, in terms of clothing and especially toys. When I compared my childhood the difference was stark.   At that point I decided that I wanted to do something to help, when I had more time. That time came when I went on maternity leave from my job.

I decided to start a little project that would collect unwanted toys and clothing and distribute them to needy children in Algeria. Since that time so many things have been donated, especially from the crafting community- knitters, sewers and crocheters have been so  generous!

So, what do we do?

The aim of Algerian Action is to help relieve some of the difficulty that poverty brings to children and adults living in Algeria.

Not all people living in Algeria are poor, the country itself is rich in oil and gas and there are many people who enjoy very good lifestyles. Yet due to social problems like a severe shortage of housing and high unemployment many families live in conditions unseen in the UK.  It would be impossible to change these things quickly and completely beyond the scope of this small charity to do so but, we can all help in small ways.

We  have five ongoing projects-

‘Essentials’– This was the reason for starting Algerian Action, it is our most important project. We provide clothing, toiletries, school supplies, toys and other essentials to children and families in need.

‘Bags for babies’– This is a project which provides mothers who have nothing or very little with a bag of goodies for their new arrival.  Typically each bag has a vest, babygro,hat,cardigan,bootees,mittens and a toy. these items are then placed in a drawstring bag which mum can use as she wishes.

‘Just squares’this is our blanket making project.  Due to the length of time it takes to knit a complete blanket we have found that many people are reluctant to take on the task however, a six-inch square knits up much quicker and people are very happy to use up their oddments in this way.  Once the squares are made into beautiful patchwork the blankets are given to children and families in need.

‘Project washables’– This is our newest project.  Following the news that there were ladies using bin liners as sanitary pads we began making and providing packs of washable sanitary towels to those who need them. For more details on this and a free pattern click here

‘Eid gift bag appeal’– An annual event to celebrate Eid ul fitr. We give disadvantaged children gifts of sweets, toys balloons and clothing. This is a special time in Algeria and for the rest of the Muslim world and the kids really enjoy receiving their gifts.


If you know of someone living in Algeria who needs a little help please get in touch and a parcel will be on its way! Equally, if you would like to donate  or help the project in some other way it would great to  hear from you.

Huge thanks for your interest and support!

Best wishes,

Emma x



57 responses to “About

  1. Helen Garfitt

    Please can you send me the address in the UK where I can send the jumpers I have been knitting.

    Many thanks, Helen.

  2. algerianaction

    Thank you for your interest Helen, I have sent you an e.mail with more details.

  3. Hiya Emma I would like to do some knitting for you… could you please send me an address to send the things to.
    Many thanks

  4. algerianaction

    That’s great Pauline! I have e.mailed you the details.

  5. Mary

    I have a few knitted baby cardigans and would like to send them to you. would you please let me know your address. Thank you

  6. algerianaction

    Thanks so much Mary! I have e.mailed you the details.

  7. hi emma – have been knitting hats and have been in email touch with you but, duh, am not very good on the old computer . have lots of hats ready to post to you, and more wool waiting but cant find your mailing address. please help….best wishes carol

  8. Now I have found Algeria Action, a parcel will soon be on its way!
    Best wishes for you and your project.

  9. Jess


    I’ve just found your organisation on the internet. Here at the Red Cross in Hampshire we have been running a knitting campaign for several years, whereby supporters get sponsored to knit specific patterns. The funds raised have helped provide local Red Cross services and the garments are taken by other charities to developing countries.

    Unfortunately we have had to make the decision this year to end the knitting campaign. We want to give our supporters alternative options if they still wish to knit, so it sounds as though you may be able to help. Would you mind if I gave out the details of your organisation? I would like to give a contact name, address and phone number, together with specific details of what knitted garments you require. Also, if there is a local depot or individual in Hampshire where items could be taken, instead of posting them.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and hope we can help each other!

    Best wishes

  10. liz mortimore

    my nit and natter ladys have done some wonderful babys cardis can you e/mail your address many thanks liz mortimore

  11. Sheena Prentice

    I am interested in knitting some cardigans and jumpers for the children. Can you let me know what kind of garments are required, sizes etc and what colours are accepted. I know some places in Africa see white as a colour of mourning and prefer not to receive garments of this colour. Also, if you could send me details of where to send the garments would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  12. Lucy Wallace

    Hi, I’ve been reading your posts and think what you’re doing is wonderful. I was wondering how much demand you have for knitted patchwork blankets? My Nan is blind and can only knit squares, but she loves to know that they go to children who really need the warmth.

    We’d both love to get knitting and send you some soon, so if we could have the address to send them to that would be great!

  13. Annette


    Are there anything that you particularly want knitting? and in what colours? Could you also send me your postal address, so when items are completed I can get them to you asap.



    • algerianaction

      Thanks for your help Annette,
      Basically anything goes- All colours, all yarn, all knitted items – knit what you enjoy making because everything will find a good home!
      I have e.mailed you the address to send items to.

  14. Agnes Wilson

    I have just found your website and love knitting for Charities and especially for children. Where do I send them to? Keep up the good work Ags

  15. John Eustace

    I have lots of knitted cardigans,jumpers,mittens and booties all of which have been worn but are in excellent condition and clean. Would like to donate. Details please.

  16. Lisa Lowe

    Hi, We have a church knitting group that have been knitting hats and a few jumpers. Can you please tell me where to send them to.



  17. Lisa Walsh

    Dear Emma,
    Thank you for your amazing work! I would love to contribute some knitwear. Are you still especially looking for items for teens? I’m thinking pretty socks for teenage girls. Would this be approriate? Please send me a UK address.
    Thank you,

  18. carmen

    hey :]

    I would love to help out, is there any way I could send you any items I have?

    Thank you

  19. yusha

    salamu alaikum,i think what you are doing is great! Can you please send me an address where people in u.s.a can send donations to. Also i know a couple families in algeria that need some toys and hygine items,could you please e-mail me with information on how to foward you their addresses. Thank you.

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam Yusha,
      I have emailed you further details. I hope we will be able to help the families that you mentioned.

  20. Iman Bendjedidi

    Asalamu alaykum Emma. Masha’Allah this is such a wonderful thing you are doing, may Allah reward you, ameen. My husband is also Algerian and I also came to learn how many people in Algeria are stuggling to get by. I would love to help out in anyway that I can insha’Allah. Do you have an address that I could send baby clothes/kids clothes to.

    Barak’Allahu feeki

  21. Nice idea wish you all the best

  22. linda harkat

    i can’t beleave i found this site iv been to Algeria 6 times now and every time i go i fill as many suit case’s as possible with toy’s baby’s clothes deodrants etc. i get so fustrated all the shops have these things but charge so much its impossible for them to buy .at my daughter’s school im allways asking for any kidds clothes they don’t want going to car boot sales but when u have a hubbie out of work and i can only work 10hr a week its hard.i went to Algeria on the 23 oct 2010 and it seems to have got from bad to worse i visited a lady in a shack it broke my heart she has 2 daughters it gets so cold in that place that the oldest girl gets so ill with her chest the mum has to send the her to a relative far away i dont know when i will go again but im allready collecting things

  23. salam, i was wondering if u can help and apologies for my long post. I came across this blog while googling for some answers…

    I really appreciate help. My Australian friend has moved to Algeria and is pregnant. She had no family or friends there, just her husband who is often away at work.

    I want to send her a gift because she said there is very basic baby items and no safety standards there.

    Postage is extremly expensive to Algeria so i need help. I would like to know if its difficult to get reputable brands like Heinz, Nestle etc and basic baby items (good reputable quality not crappy stuff).

    I cant send big items but i want to send things like:
    Natural organic baby skincare
    Pacifiers (Australian safety standards)
    Top quality sippy cups and baby bottles
    Organic baby oats and rice
    Soft spoons
    Teethers (australian safety standards passed)
    etc etc

    Can anyone tell me are these type things easy to locate in Algeria? Am I wasting my time sending these things or is this something good? How reliable are things like baby formula in Algeria? Can you get things like safe baby bottles (chemical free etc)? What about baby skincare products?

    This may sound like a silly questions but i really need to know how hard it is to buy these type things so i dont send things which may be easily found there (and i mean good/safe quality things)

    If you were having a baby and living in Algeria, what would you ask someone to post you if they asked you (i.e. items not available or poor quality in Algeria?)

    thanks so much for any help, i am on a tight budget so cant afford to send her wasteful items and i cant send her large things like baby cots.

    • Wa alaikum salaam Elixa,
      Thank you for your message, how thoughtful of you to want to send a gift to your friend!
      In comparison to baby items available in the UK (which I am guessing is similar to those available in Australia) things in Algeria are very basic and are often of poor quality. Some brands like Nestle are available but only at a premium price which may make it difficult for your friend to purchase. Organic baby skincare would be wonderful to receive as a gift as that sort of thing is not readily available at all however, it might be quite heavy to send. I think bottles, sippy cups, spoons, teethers and pacifiers are all fantastic ideas as although they can be easily bought the quality of these items is far from good.

      Which part of Algeria is your friend living in? I know several English speaking women who live there and would be happy to put her in touch with them, If she doesn’t know anyone and her husband is at work a lot she must at times feel incredibly lonely.
      If I can help with anything just let me know insha’Allah.
      Wassalaam, Emma

      • Jazak Allah for your reply, that is awesome. Postage is extremly extremly expensive from Australia to her place. Worst of all there is no guarantees she will receive it but we are going to leave it in Allah’s hands and hope for the best. The area she is in is BEJAIA. I am very worried for her to be honest. She doesnt speak the language and giving birth there is very substandard to the conditions in Australia and hubby cant be present. I pray it all goes well but am very worried incase of complications and also when she is alone that she will cope well with a newborn (at least in Australia there are so many services u can turn for help if your alone and not coping or just need a hand). I also pray she will be able to breastfeed baby without problems and no need for formula as u said it will be very difficult to get a good baby formula. Yes she does feel lonely. So do let me know if you know of English speaking women in that area and i will ask her if she would like to get in touch.

  24. nadia benyarbah

    Dear Emma,

    I would like to ask you if you are registered or if it is just something you do like that…because I am French Algerian and I am also deeply happy to see that you help the way you do and I would like to do a charity for books for kids, crafty materials and also educational toys that are really laking in Algeria in poor families.
    kids there don’t paint / or don’t have playdough / pencils / crayons / papers…etc….as they will only get this for school….
    Could you tell me if you would be interested to create another collection fo goodies????

  25. janet lenton

    hi emma,
    my daughter is going to live in algeria, with her 6 month old baby, please could you tell me if there is baby milk formula available there?. we are english and live in the uk. my daughter as met a lovely algerian man who lives there and she is going to live with him. also, after finding your website, my other daughter as an enormous amount of kids clothes and toys, she would like to donate to you. thanks, janet

    • Emma

      Hi Janet,
      Oh, I am so excited for your daughter! Yes, baby milk formula is available in Algeria, there are a few different brands available I believe all of them are imported and include brands like nestle and sma. I personally have used a lesser known brand(the name escapes me at the moment) which was from France and it was absolutely fine.
      Thanks also to your other daughter for her offer of clothing and toys! The address to send them to is 85 Clementina Road, London E10 7LT.

      If you have any other questions do feel free to just ask!

  26. I think instead of sending knitted products (which is an excellent thing to do bravo)
    you can instead think of teaching other people to knit themselves which will help them learn to fish instead of you giving them the fish

    • Emma

      Thank you for stopping by Ilfdinar!
      I totally agree with your sentiment and if only we could find people to provide the teaching we could do it. It is hoped that in the near future we will be offering some work related skills training to support individuals to be self reliant for all of their needs rather than needing help from others. Please do share any other ideas that you may have.

    • justanote

      I was thinking the same teaching people to make and do is better than just handing them the goodsd things like knitting needles crochet hooks, sewing equipment, or sewing patterns ect

      • Emma

        I think some people are in such an immediate situation of difficulty that primarily they do need to be just given a certain level of aid. However, I do take your point. At the moment we are looking at ways to offer individuals a way of helping themselves and are in the process of setting up sewing workshops for ladies to learn how to sew, but like everything it all takes time.

  27. Rabah Chimp

    Hi Emma,
    how lovely to read all about these wonderful things you are doing. the idea of training people is one of the best, and i am hoping ,like you, i ll be able to help. unfortunately bureaucracy is everyone s worst ennemy in Algeria. i have got my own school, but we only specialise in languages and some other short course such as HSE. It has now been almost a year since i applied for a licence to open a primary as well as a secondary school, and i meet all the criteria but i am still waiting! inshallah once i get it i ll aim to open a specialist school for disabled children, as there are not many in the country, and these people have every right to access education like everyone else. so this is a challenge for you worth thinking about in terms of perhaps bringing over some specialists to train people over here, i ll be more than happy to help in this project.

    All the best
    Salam Rabah x

    • Emma

      Assalaamu alaikum,
      Congratulations on your Language school!
      You are quite right, everything takes time in Algeria but with patience insha’Allah anything is possible.
      There certainly is a need for more to be done to assist the disabled so that they can participate more fully in mainstream society, I hope you will have the opportunity to address some of that need by being given permission to open your planned schools.
      Wishing you every success with your ventures.
      Fi amanillah, Emma

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  29. Alison

    Hi Emma,

    I remember some time ago medical students asking for dark sheets as they were going to help on such a project making sanitary towels. I have some black sheets / pillow cases……would these be of any use to you? I can post wherever needed if they are.
    Regards and good luck.


  30. Sage

    Could I send soaps/deodorants/disposal pads and tampons? Do you accept home made cloth pads?

    • Emma

      Hi Sage,
      Yes, all of those things are fantastic…I can’t tell you how much a can of body spray or deodorant is appreciated by the ladies!
      Home made pads are also very gratefully received. Thank you for your support!

  31. emilymsfi

    Hi please let me know where I can post new (unused) reusable cloth pads for the girls.

  32. Rabah

    I would like to help. I am based in Algiers . I am already part of a charity called kafil al yateem which cares for orphens and widows with no income. My aim is to link you up with this charity to work together. It is based in Algiers but helps all over Algeria. Please consider! We can do a great job together. We have some ambitious projects forthcoming. Looking forward to your reply.

    • Emma

      Assalaamu alaikum Rabah, Thank you for your message. I have heard of the organisation that you mention you are part of…masha’Allah you do wonderful work! Please email us further details of how you would like us to work together and of your planned future projects and we will do our best to participate however we can. info@algerianaction.co.uk

  33. Rabah

    I would like to help. i sent you an e-mail ad which might not be right. I am part of the charity kafil al yateem .Rabah

    • Emma

      Oh, I have just seen your second message. Your email address is not visible to me it is just needed so that you can be notified of a reply….Here is a copy of my earlier reply to your first message- ‘Assalaamu alaikum Rabah, Thank you for your message. I have heard of the organisation that you mention you are part of…masha’Allah you do wonderful work! Please email us further details of how you would like us to work together and of your planned future projects and we will do our best to participate however we can. info@algerianaction.co.uk ‘ Apologies for the delay!

  34. Emma Campbell

    Hi there Emma

    I’m interested in making cloth pads for donations. Is this still an ongoing project. Would like to give something back to people who need it most.


  35. Jennifer Sung

    Hi Emma,

    I’m the VP of Service for a service organization, Circle K International in the University of Southern California. I was hoping to donate some sanitary pads for the ongoing project! My email address is @ uscckivpservice@gmail.com

    Hope to hear great news,
    Jennifer Sung

  36. Rushaan

    Send me your email adress please

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