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Spreading the love

Of reading!  Last Thursday it was World Book day.



In the UK and several countries around the world  quite a big thing is made of the day with special events held and children dressing up as characters from their favourite books, here in Algeria it is not such a big deal but, hoping to encourage an interest in reading and always ready to give gifts to kids we joined in the fun by giving books (and a few other treats!) to children in Algiers.


The week ahead looks to be another busy one,the weather is gloriously Spring like with flowers popping up all over the place, my mind is bubbling with lots of ideas for our craft workshops and I am whipping up a storm with paint and glitter -what could be better!



Whatever you have planned for the week I hope it’ll be a lovely one!

Emma x


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That was a surprise!

Wow! I wasn’t quite expecting such a phenomenal response to our puppet making workshops. In just two days all 64 places have been taken but, with so many others still getting in touch to book a place we have decided to add on another date with two more sessions So, for those of you in Algiers that want to attend,  on Sunday 26th March there will be sessions at 10-12 and 1-3...places are going fast so get in quick !


What is also really lovely is that a few organisations have got in touch and asked us if we could hold craft sessions for them, including one that wants us to help them paint a mural on the side of their community room…of course, we said yes! We want to reach all sections of the community so if you know of an organisation/school/group etc who who might be interested in our crafty workshops do get in touch and let me know – I would love to hear from you! (

Next week it is ‘International book giving day’ so we are busy making up gift bags that include a book, crayons, sweets and a few other treats which we will be giving out to children on the day…I hope it doesn’t rain!


For us in Algeria the weekend starts tomorrow, I am planning to spend the time making an Emu puppet for our event next month…I hope you too have fun whatever you do!

Emma x

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World book day 2016!

It seems as if there is a ‘day’ for everything if one bothers to look into it…commercialism perhaps? I remember many years ago my Nan being appalled at the introduction of ‘Grandparents day’ and we were all warned to not even think of buying her a gift or a card as she thought it was just a way for ‘them’ to make more money! Wise words maybe. However, looking at the calendar for the next few weeks to pick a suitable date for our new book launch.. the 3rd March, World book day just seemed entirely appropriate!

rsz_litterbugcover-page-001     Our latest book entitled ‘The litter bugs’ charts the tale of a group of  bugs who are persuaded to change their messy ways by a swarm of nature loving bees. The story, which is written in both English and Arabic aims to teach young children about the importance of looking after the environment in a fun and colourful way.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund the creation of community gardens and green spaces via our ‘Just one seed’ scheme. The book will also be distributed to children in Algeria to raise awareness of environmental issues.

The book is 24 pages long and is 210mm square in size. It is priced at £3.50 plus postage  and will be sold exclusively from our website.  **Up until the 3rd March you can pre-order it here and get  it for the special price of  £3 plus FREE UK delivery. ** 

Happy reading!

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