How to help

Algerian Action is a small project which offers a little help to those living in Algeria by providing them with essentials and a few treats.

 There are several ways that you could participate- 

  • donate clothing- Clothing is given to babies, children and teens so we would be grateful for any clothing in sizes 0-16 years.  Shoes are great too! Items may be hand-crafted, pre-loved or new but they must be in clean, undamaged condition.
  • Donate toys / craft materials / school supplies- It’s nice to be able to give a child something to play with or some pencils, paper and stickers to get creative with.  All types of toys and crafty stuff is welcome and again things can be new, preloved or handmade.
  •  Make a monetary contribution- All of the people involved with the project give their time and skills freely so fortunately there are no staffing costs however, we do still need to get the stuff to those in need and shipping costs can get expensive.  In addition although we try to get everything donated sometimes we do need to buy things for the families which we help – a new roof for example. So if you would like to donate cash it would be very much appreciated.  Cheques should be made out to ‘Algerian Action’
  • Give a square- Small squares make big blankets! squares can be any colour or size, knitted or crocheted  All are welcome.
  • Attend one of our fundraising workshops or events. All money raised will help fund the work of the project.
  • Hold your own fundraising event- Coffee mornings, races, car boot sales the possibilities are endless.


Please contact me for details of where to send donations.  Items may be sent to an address in the UK or Algeria, which ever you prefer. 

Alternatively if you would like to help by distributing items, holding a fundraiser, promoting the project please get in touch. 


178 responses to “How to help

  1. Debbie Manning

    please could you provide your uk address for sending knitted items as I have mislaid it.
    thank you

  2. algerianaction

    Thanks for your message Debbie, I have e.mailed you the u.k. address.

  3. Robyn Hooper

    We have bags full of knitted squares which we’d love to donate. So please provide me of details as to where I need to send them.

    Many Thanks

    Robyn Hooper

  4. algerianaction

    Thank you Robyn, knitted squares are much needed at the moment. I have e.mailed you the address that donations may be sent to.

  5. Christie

    I am a new knitter and have been knitting squares so that i can learn. if you are still collecting these can you give me your address. (I’ll post them assoon as I learn to cast off!)

  6. algerianaction

    Your practice squares would be most welcome Christie! I have e.mailed you the address to send them to.
    Many thanks.


    Please could you e mail me an address in the Uk to send squares and knitted baby clothes to

  8. algerianaction

    Thank-you Jean, Squares and clothes sound great, I have e.mailed you the UK address.

  9. jill martin

    please can u send me the uk adress so i know where to send items thanks jill

  10. algerianaction

    Thanks for your interest Jill, I have e.mailed you the details.

  11. Sara O'Connor

    Hello, I have some knitted squares left over after making some blankets for my daughters and you would be welcome to them. Please send me the UK address for postage. Would you like me to sew up into baby blankets first? Thanks, Sara

  12. algerianaction

    Thanks Sara, Your knitted squares would be great and it would be a HUGE help if you could make them into a blanket first.
    I have e.mailed you the U.K. postal address.

  13. Sally Risk

    Hello, I am a knitter interested in knitting clothes and such for the children. Do I need to use wool yarn is acrylic yarn okay? Could you give me the address please? Thanks!!

  14. algerianaction

    Thanks Sally, I have emailed you more details. Any yarn may be used and acrylic is absolutely fine!

  15. Kayleigh Mckimm

    Hello there, me and my mam are wanting to help so could you give us the UK address please, thankyou x

  16. algerianaction

    That’s great Kayleigh! I have e.mailed you more details.

  17. JENNY

    Please could I have your postal address to donate some baby clothes

  18. Sarah

    Please send me the UK address. Thank you!


    I have a number of new handknitted items you could use – will you please let me know the UK address.

  20. Emma Cutler

    Please can you send me the UK address of where to send squares and knitted clothing to. What size square do you prefer?


    I’ve got plenty of new handknitted items. Please let me know ehre to send them (UK)

  22. Hello,
    I am very interested in knitting and donating squares. Please can you send me the UK address to send these to and also confirm what size squares are preferred.

    Happy New Year…..what you do is amazing:o)

  23. jannie

    Can you please send me details of where to send any knitted items in the UK.

  24. Kym Knox


    Same question again that many people are asking!…could I have your UK address to post knitted items to?


  25. Frances

    Dear Emma

    My daughter has told me about the wonderful work you are doing. I have made a blanket and some baby clothes which I would like to send to you so pleae could you send me your address?

    What do you need most? I would like to make some things that are in short supply.

    Looking forward to hearing from you


  26. Tracey Macrow


    Same here can you send me the address where to send items please.

    Thank you

  27. shahla

    Me too. I am very interested to send items (crochet and knitting) for babies. Would you please email me the addresses for donation.

    Thanks ,

  28. moira sharpe

    Please can you send me the uk address and the Algerian address to sent knitted items.

    Thank you, Moi.

  29. Jane Leeming

    Hi, I’ve just found your website via ‘Simply Knitting’ magazine and would like your UK address for knitted items.
    Good Luck with your projects.

  30. Jane

    Another one who found you via Simply Knitting. I would love to help out both with knitting and with project washable. Please could I have the UK address so that I can post some bits off once I’ve made them.
    Thanks, Jane

  31. Carole A Jones


    I would like to help by knitting either squares or blankets.

    Please could you let me know where to send them to.


  32. Lucy

    I’ve really enjoyed looking around the website, you’re doing wonderful work & the donations you’ve received are inspirational – if you could possibly mail me back with the UK & Algerian addresses for donations I’ll see what I can rustle up! :O)

  33. jane

    It would be very helpful if you could publish an address for the clothes please. I have a couple of jumpers waiting to go! Many thanks.

  34. norma campbell

    please send uk address for donation also is there any that is moreneedy?

  35. Jean Walley

    Please send me a uk address where I can send baby clothes that my residents have knitted for you

  36. Brenda Weston

    Please can you e mail me the UK address to send donations of baby clothes.
    Thank you

  37. Hi, can you please email me the UK address to send donations please.



  38. Diana

    Iam knitting some squares and will sew them up, what size of blanket is needed, also i have some toweling which i can make into nappies if it would be of any help.I will need an adress to send them to. thanks ;

  39. Hi There, I have recently been lucky enough to receive a lovely amount of wool from Simply Knitting readers, after the magazine kindly printed my plea. Could you tell me what you are most in need of, and an address to send finished items to please?
    many thanks,

    • algerianaction

      That’s great Sarah! I have emailed you with more details.

      • helen myskiewicz

        good afternoon
        we have had some of our residents knit squares and baby clothing and we would like to post these to you at your uk address please.

  40. Joan McCormick

    My grandson has outgrown some things, some are new and I would like to send them to you along with some small new stuffed animals and toys. Can you send me an address please? also, is one place easier to mail to than another? I am from WI in the USA. i am also a memeber of a knitting group on line that has you on our list for August. Thanks Joan

  41. Dawn

    I have enjoyed your web-site and I have got blankets which I made for oxfam but they do not except any more. There is also knitted soft toys. Please could you send me your address in the uk so that I can donate them

    Thank you


  42. Alison Swanepoel

    Would love to knit for you. Could you let me know what items you are really in need of at the moment and where in the UK to send them.

  43. L Lucy

    Please send me the UK address.


  44. christine kennett

    hi could you provide me with uk address,i have some knitted squares which you need, christine

  45. J.

    Hi. I am interested in donating some knitted squares. Could you email me the UK address to send the squares to? Thanks.

  46. Wendy

    Please could you let me know the UK address? Thank you!

  47. Elizabeth Pickering

    I would love to crochet squares for blankets, do I make blankets out of the squares or do I send you the squares and you join them together.
    I would love to be involved in this project.
    Elizabeth Pickering

  48. Pauline

    your address in Britain please for donations to be sent to. Thank you

  49. Annie Train

    Could I have the UK address to send a blanket and some squares to, and perhaps some clothes. Thanks, Annie

  50. Christy

    I manage a knitting club and I would love to have your address. We would be delighted to send you some knitted scarves, hats, etc. Thank you!

  51. Natalie


    I have some squares and am hopefully going to be able to do some blankets soon

    Can i have your uk address to send them to?

    Many THanks


  52. A WEST

    Can you let me know UK address for donations of baby clothes. Thanks

  53. Angela Collins

    I’ve got lots of squares and a couple of made-up blankets. Could you let me have the address to send them to?


  54. Karen Lartigue

    Please could you tell me the UK address to send donations. Thank you.

  55. sue

    hi! i have got lots of squres and some blankets made up please could you send me the address to where to send them

    many thanks

  56. Fitzy

    Hi There, I am happy to send a box to you, I have several baby clothes from my daughter which are in great condition. My daughter is 8 months now so she has outgrown several bits. Is it ok if i have the address. I am also learning crochet at present and want to make squares for this great cause.
    Many Thanks Fitzy

  57. debbie Manning

    If you want to send me any of your squares, I would be happy to sew then together for you.

  58. Jenny Spooner

    I represent a group of crafty ladies who would love to be part of your project. Could you send donation addresses for here and Algeria.

  59. Please could you e-mail me the postal address for monetary donations. Many thanks.

  60. Margaret


    What fantastic work you are doing!
    I am part of a knitting group and would love to help out with knitted and crochet items. Could you please give me details of where to send the goods and also what you are most in need of.

    many thanks







    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • Emma

      Thank you Carol Ann, it would be great if you could help the project!
      I have emailed you further details.
      Best wishes, Emma

  62. Sarah

    Please could you send me a uk postal address for sending items to, thank you.

  63. Emma

    Details sent Sarah!

  64. Jane A

    I seem to remember you appealing for bras a while back, are you still collecting them? DD has had a sort out so we have several in good condition looking for a new home.

    • Emma

      Yes, Jane bras are still very much needed!
      I’m just putting a new list of most wanted items together and will post it up soon.

  65. tracy howells

    could you please send me you address, so i can send you thing.

  66. Gillian Harber

    Please could you send me your UK address as I would like to send some items. The charity sounds wonderful & I wish you well for 2011. Is is ok to send shoes to you as well? Does it matter if they are sandals or shoes? Sizes UK 5 & 6. I was sent your details via Loving Hands Knitting Group.

  67. Gillian

    Hello Emma,
    it sounds like you are doing a great job with your charity. Would love to help out with knitted items and anything else. What are your most wanted items? Or is anything welcome? Could you please forward the address to send donations to. Thanks.

  68. Helen Mason

    Hi – I like knitting baby clothes and have a few little cardigans that I would like to donate – please let me know where I can send them if they are of any use


    helen mason

  69. Heather Brunt

    I have a lot of crochet squares made (6 inch) which I can send to your UK address if you would like them. I do them in the evenings after work, very relaxing. Could you email me the address to send them to? Thank you.

  70. rosemary chalouache

    What a brilliant thing to do!!!! May Allah reward you.
    I am not a knitter, but have little girls’ clothes to pass on if I can have the UK address to send them to please.

  71. Gillian Harber

    Hi. Sent the last of my parcels off to you yesterday & will continue to find other things! Are you still wanting knitted squares? Do they have to be a particular size?
    Best wishes

  72. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma, my friend has made some more shoebags for me if you still need them. I am busy making more knited toys to send and I have more toothpaste and brushes if you still need them. Hope you are now back to normal healthwise and many thanks for the offer you made to me.
    Kind regards Pat

  73. Joan Burnitt

    Please would you send me the UK address for knitted items.
    What size blankets are needed?
    Kind regards,

  74. Hanna

    salam aleykum
    could I send some money, i’d like to transfer it to the action account plase

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam Hanna,
      Jazak Allah kheir for your intention to help.
      We have an international and a uk charity bank account, I see your email address is Polish -are you in Poland or the UK?


  75. annie welman

    hi, have been busy over winter making the little hats and also have some knitted childrens jumpers could i please have the address so i can post them together with some new childrens bits, many thanks ann

  76. WelshHelen

    Hello Emma

    I have a box of items to send to you. Can you please let me know your UK address?

  77. jane

    Am in liverpool,i have so many things i can give but don’t know who can pick from me.children new clothes and shoes,adult clothing and shoes,curtains also many more.

    • Emma

      Hi Jane, thank you for your offer to help. Unfortunately we don’t have a collection/ drop off point in Liverpool. We are based in London so it’s quite a distance to drive- however, perhaps we could organize some of it to be collected by courier if that would be convenient to you.

  78. carol

    Dear Emma – I have been reading with interest the wonderful work that Algerian Action is doing. Like you, I am English with an Algerian husband, but I have yet to visit his family – they live in the wilaya of Tissemsilt. I have spent a lot of time in Morocco, but Algeria looks equally beautiful. I have just ordered the cookbook – as you say, Morocco gets all the attention, but the food my husband cooks is delicious!

    I would like to help you by knitting some squares and sending some things for you, so would be grateful if you could email me your address. Wearing one of my hats, I make cakes for a living, so if you would ever like a donation of a cake for one of your events, please do let me know, and I will see if there is some way that we can get it to London!!

    I have signed up to your blog also, so I will be able to read in more detail about the work of Algerian Action.

    Kind regards

    Carol Walters

  79. Beth

    Well I have been looking for charity to donate to and this one looks like what I was looking for.
    I would like to donate some money and also somethings from the wanted list where is the best place to send all of this too?
    I am from Australia but am in Leicester UK at the moment.
    If this could be emailed to me that would be great

  80. Janet Lillie

    I am from the US and would like your UK address to mail some knitted baby hats and whatever else I can get done.
    Thank You,

  81. trinitycraftsister

    please could you e-mail me the address in the UK to send knitted donations.
    Also look forward to seeing what your most wanted items are so I can be sure to send what you really need. God Bless your marvellous work.

  82. Catherine


    Are you still collecting knitted squares? If so, please could you send me the UK address that these need to be sent to?

  83. Pat

    Can I still keep in touch from this page rather than facebook or twitter?
    I have tried info@algerian action many times but cant get through?I havent heard anything about Emma since she moved is evcerything ok?

  84. katherine findlay

    I have mislaid the address to send my knitted childrens clothes, if you are still collecting could you please email me the address.thank you kathy findlay

  85. Hello, I have been looking for someplace to donate homemade pads to. But do you have a US address? Or if not do you know of any charity’s in the US who don’t ask for specific types of pads but accept any?

  86. Abigail Tyler

    Please could you provide me with your UK address so I can send some donations, Thankyou!

  87. michaela

    UK donation address pls

  88. Zoe

    I would love for you to email me both addresses so that I can determine which will be easiest to ship to. I live in the U.S. and I want to donate some knit squares.

  89. Leah Price

    Hi! I am wondering if you are still looking for donations of pads for women and children. Can you please send me more information about shipping the donations if needed? I am in the States and know nothing of shipping internationally.

    Thank you

  90. sahil kajal

    I am an indian with graduate ( and post graduate degrees
    ( in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of
    Technology IIT (one of the most reputed technical institutions of
    the world). I want to volunteer in your charity organisation ‘Algerian Action’ in Algeria. I can provide my technical expertise or any kind of help or service in the fundraising or donation activities of your organisation in any way you think is fit. I have previous voluntary experience of teaching english in thailand (bangkok) along with people from europe and america and completed my english speaking tasks with distinction.
    Please reply to this e-mail as soon as possible as I plan to volunteer at the earliest and donate goods and help your organisation with it`s activities anywhere in algeria.
    I thank you in anticipation of a positive reply from you so that I can plan my trip to algeria accordingly.

    Best regards,
    Sahil Kajal + (T-5/17,RSD colony shahpurkandi
    T/ship,jugial,pathankot , punjab ,India)
    email :
    phone no. : +91-9646047313 , +91-8427831379

  91. Mimi

    Please, is there any way I can contact you In Sha Allah, JazakAllah Khair

  92. Cat

    Hello could you please send me the UK address? Thank you

  93. Therese Bizabishaka

    Hi I am from Australiana, can you please send me both the UK and Algerian address and I’ll see what I can do.

  94. faiza chibane

    Hi there, just discover your page!
    I would love to help by donating clothing and toys.
    I live in Oxford.
    Please let me know what’s the best way to do so!

    • Emma

      Hi Faiza, Thank you for finding us and wanting to help! At the moment we don’t have any drop off point in Oxford so you would need to send them to our address in London or Northamptonshire.

  95. Caroline Caffoor

    Hi Emma. I’ve been emailing for a while now but hearing nothing back. I have a lot of 20 inch baby blankets to donate. Please can you let me know what to do with them?
    Thanks, Caroline

  96. Derrys

    Hi Emma,

    Could you please send me the UK address that I can send some knitted/crocheted donations to?

    Thank you

  97. Chris

    What size baby clothing, do you need gowns for preemie

  98. Yvonne Reed

    Would you please send me the UK address that I can send some knitted/crocheted donations to? And should knitted squares have their ends sewn in?

    Thank you

  99. elaine

    Could you send me your address to donate

  100. Hi , I would like to start knitting squares for blankets, any size guide I need to go by? Many thanks Betsan Williams

  101. tilly

    Are you still accepting squares? I started making lots and the charity i was going to donate to stopped accepting.Happy to make plenty more if you need.

    May i have the address in UK to send to please?

  102. Mandy Caine

    I would be interested in knitting squares if still required. Where should I send them to?

  103. Christine Griffiths

    I’m happy to knit teddies for these children or any other items needed

  104. Shiona Slater

    Hi I’ve been knitting 8” squares and was wondering if these would be useful. If so please let me know where to send them. Many thanks

  105. Chris

    Please can I have your address

  106. Tracy Wiggins

    Please could you send me uk address to send squares to please

  107. Tracy Jones

    Please send U.K. address for donations of knitted and crochet items. Squares, baby items, teddies, hats and scarves.

  108. Ruth Green

    Are you accepting knitted donations at the moment?
    If so, I have knitted squares to donate where can I send them?

  109. Emma Reid

    My 85yr old Mum knits hats, baby jumpers & knitted squares which I sew in to blankets . Is this something you could use.

  110. Rachel

    Hello, I have a number of knitted squares that I would like to donate. Please could you email me an address to post them to?

  111. Tammara

    Hi Please can I have the address of where to send donations in the UK? Baby blankets and a toy.

  112. Leonora Chandler

    I have knitted 30 Premmie Baby hats so far during Corona Lockdown and would like to donate them to your cause. Can you provide me with the UK address so that I can send them to you? Or suggest who might be in need of them. Thank you. LC

  113. jenni smith

    Please can I have an address to send some knitted items

  114. Corinne

    Hello Emma
    I see that there is no response from you since 2018. Is your charity still running, as I am knitting squares and will want to send them to you.

  115. Yasmin Rupshi


    Just wanted to know if you’re still collecting knitted squares

    If so where do I need to send them?


  116. Ann

    Do you need crochet ‘granny squares’?
    Please can you send me further details?

  117. Hannah Denniss

    Hello i would like to knit you items and send it to where ever it needs to go.

    I can knit baby clothing, hats, scarfs, socks, toys and all sorts for you.

    Please let me know what would be useful. Thankyou

  118. Sue Gilbert

    My mother has knitted a huge bag of delightful, colourful babies/toddlers cardigans & sweaters. I would love to help a worthy charity by donating these new items. All clean, fresh from a smoke & pet free environment.

  119. L

    I have a load of 8 inch squares in various styles and colours, dark and pastel. Are they of any use to you and, if so, what is your uk address?

  120. L

    Hello, is anyone there to reply to our messages?

  121. Karen Appleton

    Hello, I would love to knit knitted squares, can you please let me know your UK address to send them to.
    Thank you.

  122. Ruth Gort

    Please can you let me know what address to send donated knitted items to. Thank you

  123. Jenny Green

    Please can I have you address in the UK To send some clothing/squares donation to in the UK
    Thank you

  124. Bethany


    What is the address to send knitted squares to please?

    Many thanks

  125. Bethan

    Please can I have the UK address to send items to.

  126. Diana Lewington

    Hi, are you still wanting knitted squares?

  127. Lorraine

    Do you still require knitted squares?

  128. Teresa

    Hi there, just wondering if you still need knitted squares? Is so could I have the UK address to send them to? Thanks.

  129. Sue Young

    Please send the address to which to send knitted clothing items.

  130. Julie Saunders

    I have several knitted ‘fish and chip’ style jumpers (baby size). Can you make use of them?

  131. Jane Walker-Smith

    I have lots of hand knitted items I’d love to send to you.
    Please can you send me your address
    Thank you

  132. Chloe Cunningham


    I would like to knit squares can you please let me know where I need to send them.

    Many thanks

  133. Helen Radford

    Good morning, I am an avid blanket knitter, but my current charity have stopped accepting knitted blankets. It is something that i would like to keep doing as it really helps my mental health conditions. Do you accept just squares or do you accept blankets??
    Please could you send me some further information about what you are accepting, sizes etc as I would love to be able to support you.


    Can you send me your uk address please so I can send some baby clothes.

  135. Margaret Easton

    Please may I have the UK address to send knitted items. Thanks. Margaret

  136. Janet Rooms

    Please may I have a Uk address to send squares to. Janet

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