Most Wanted

To be honest, everything that fits a child between 0 -16 years is wanted but, this is a list of the things that are really needed right now for particular individuals and children in general.

Shorts, t.shirts and warm weather clothing for girls and boys of all ages

Sun hats all ages

Shoes / flip flops

Bras all sizes

Children’s underwear all sizes


baby vests


T. shirts- all ages girls and boys

Shorts -all ages girls and boys


walking sticks


colouring pencils /crayons

colouring books


small toys

Baby blankets (minimum size 18″ x 18″)

Baby sponges /flannels


13 responses to “Most Wanted

  1. ummy

    salaam Emma ,I hope all the things have arrived and a lot of people will benefit from it

    • Emma

      Wa alaikum salaam,
      Alhamdulilah all of the things did arrive safely and many families were able to benefit masha’Allah!

  2. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    Glad everything went well for your Spring Fair and that you raised a really good total. Hope the little toys all sold and that you got the cheque I posted.
    Is there anything that you desperately need for the family so unfortunate.
    Please let me know , I will try to get it. Are hot water bottles still needed? All best wishes Pat

  3. michelle

    Just wanted to know if the squares need to be a certain size, have been making 4inch squares but have seen other sites ask for 8inch squares.

    Thank you

  4. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma
    How are things progressing with the house building?
    Hope it is all going well.
    What is the final date for the Eid project and is there
    anything you are short of?
    All my best wishes Pat

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  7. Gabi

    Do you take cloth pads?

  8. Louise Macdonald

    Where do i send them?

  9. Elaine Jones

    Hi Emma
    With a friend, I run a small charity in Shropshire called Knit for Life. We ask our knitters to make 8 inch squares to be made into blankets but receive squares of all shapes (!) and sizes, including some of 4 and 5 inches which are not ideal for us. If you can let me have your address for donations, I would be happy to send these small squares to you.

  10. Christine dent

    Hi can you let me know when I can send over some knitted items thank you. There are bonnets and cardigans

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