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Made by hand. A gorgeous giveaway!

Handicrafts are popular in Algeria and several people are able to earn an income by producing beautiful pottery, furniture, glassware, tiles, pictures, handbags, carpets, clothing and many other types of items.


Hand crafted jewellery has been being created in Algeria for hundreds of years and every region has traditional styles that make use of locally sourced stones and findings that are fashioned into beautiful, hard-wearing pieces. My Mother in law gave me a  brooch which had been passed down to her from her grandmother, it is years old but, even today the enamel and coral is still so vibrant-I love it!

jewelcol As part of our Winter Wonder event which starts tomorrow and finishes on Sunday we will be giving away one beautiful Algerian necklace that has been handcrafted from silver and studded with Mediterranean coral.Don’t miss it!



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A big thank-you to all of those who sent donations of squares and clothing during the month of October. A total of 62 items were received, a few less than last month but great none the less! Every item really does count and makes a difference to a needy baby or child.

I will be travelling to Algeria in December so it would be wonderful to get as many things as possible before then.

Thanks for your generosity and support it is appreciated so much.

Best wishes, Emma

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