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Calling all crafters and sewers!

You may remember me mentioning in my last post that next year we will be providing sensory packs to young children with special needs.

It has been lovely to read the private messages expressing support for this additional project and many have asked will the items included be made or bought. Well, I hope there will be a mixture. One of the lovely things about Algerian Action is that it’s not just about collecting money from people. From the beginning, the charity has been about people helping with their hands, whether that be through knitting, sewing or baking cakes to sell: it’s always be so much more personal than just money and with that in mind my thoughts are turning to what can be made for our sensory packs. My initial thoughts were about the bag itself. It needs to be sized to be manageable for a child, brightly coloured and have pockets inside.

I found this type of thing on pinterest, it’s called a busy bag.

busy bag

How difficult do you think it would be to make? There is a tutorial here but although I sew, I’m not great at following instructions. We need 50 for our first group of recipients.

Or do you have any other suggestions? Would LOVE to hear your ideas!

As aleays thank you so much for your help and  making a difference.



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