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January round up

January was a been a super busy month!

Our book appeal has really taken off and in just one month we have managed to collect almost 700 books of superb quality. We have a target of 1,000 which we need to reach before the summer when the library is due to open so, there is still a little way to go .

Below are just some of the books received in the last week or so.


Fab clothing has also been donated this month, including some lovely things for our baby pack project. The warmer weather will soon be here in Algeria so we are now starting to collect t.shirts, shorts ect so that it can all be shipped over in good time.



As I mentioned in a previous post, this year we will be assisting a women’s refuge. So far we have already given some toiletries, underwear and other essentials. The refuge  has a number of children there and a small play area has been created. We plan to develop this further and supply the organisation with a number of things for the children that live  there. These donated toys will help us make  a start.

JANROUND5  We have recently started working with a school in Baraki, Algiers and it is through them that we heard about the disabled teenager that had stopped going to school because her father was unable to continue carrying her in. Thanks to your generosity in just a few days we were able to raise enough to buy her a wheelchair.

During the fundraising campaign we were contacted by someone who wished to pay the whole amount, at that time the total had almost be raised so, it was suggested that this person could instead pay for a wheelchair for another, younger disabled  girl who attended the school. The supporter happily agreed, so January also saw two disabled girls become more mobile (pictures to follow). It seems that there are several children in need of this type of assistance and we are now looking into the best way we can try and help.

As always huge thanks for your tremendous support!

Have a fantastic February!

Emma x 



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Off to a great start!

Some fabulous things for our baby pack project were donated this past week, including lots of cute little vests and crocheted goodies.


In addition to other beautiful items these baby-gros were donated by http://www.daisydumplings.co.uk   Isn’t it  just such a fabulous idea to add a little ruffle collar and flower to a plain sleep suit to jazz it up! I’m not that great at crochet but if anyone who is fancies making a few flowers, I do have some baby gros that they could be added to 🙂


Plans for our travelling library are ‘full steam ahead’. Thank you so much to those who sent books in for our appeal and crafty stuff for the kids to use during the library craft sessions.

Our goal is to collect 1,000 books to start the library off- the donation of every book makes a difference, will help  fill the shelves and get us a little closer to our target!



As I mentioned previously, this year we hope to be able to assist a women’s refuge based in Algiers. We had a meeting with the director last week to find out a bit more about what their organisation does and to discuss ways in which we can help them. The women who live in this refuge have either been abandoned by their husbands or families, are  escapees from an abusive relationship or young women who have reached the age of 18 and so no longer have the right to stay in the orphanage where they previously lived. The aim of the refuge is to give these women somewhere clean and safe to stay but to also help them find a way to build a future for themselves. For example they help women find employment or training so that they can afford to live independently. At the time of our visit there were 12 women residents and 7 children although there is capacity for more.

The organisation does receive some state funding but it is not nearly enough and on one occasion last year the refuge ran out of food! It operates a bit like a normal home: the women and children share the cooking and eat together as a family. There are no cleaning staff ect the residents do all of this type of thing between themselves. As one would expect from people that have nothing materially, they are in need of everything especially the everyday items like soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, clothing ect.

Some of the women housed also have their children with them and an area has been designated for them to play in. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be a child in this situation but I think it would be a nice gift if we could donate a toy box full of things to play with and some colourful cushions to brighten up the place a bit and make it a little more child friendly.

I will be visiting the refuge myself at the beginning of March and would love to take some things  at that time to the women and children who live there. I’m thinking along the lines of underwear, toiletries, towels and bedding plus some toys as mentioned above. Any help with that would be really gratefully appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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Auction #26 Waistcoat

Auction #26

This is a lovely little boys waistcoat.

It is hand knitted with self patterning acrylic yarn in various shades of brown and cream.

Machine washable and suitable for a child aged 5-6 years.

To place a bid simply add your amount in the comments box below.

Starting bid is £2


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Auction #19 Snuggly Cardi

Auction #19

This is a lovely chunky knit -perfect for winter time!

It is hand knitted in bright pink yarn and will fit a girl aged 5-6 years.

To place a bid simply add your amount in the comments box below.

Starting bid is just £2


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Auction #11 Baby Pram Blanket

Auction #11

This is a beautiful  baby blanket in pastel shades of blue, mint and yellow with a touch of white.

It has been hand-knitted using Supersoft Acrylic D.K. and is machine washable.

The blanket measures 20″ x 24″ so the perfect size for snuggling baby up in the pram.

To bid simply put your bid amount in the comments box below.

Starting bid is £3


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March was yet another busy month for Algerian Action……………. Much of the early part was spent preparing for our annual bazaar which took place on  the 25th and well, the last part was spent recovering recovering from it! Once again supporters were so generous with their donations- almost 2,000 items were received which is just amazing- I have posted a few photos below of some of the things but huge thanks to all of you who contributed. As we are well into Spring now the Fetes and Bazaars are starting to appear. On Sunday I had a stall at a Fun day held in Ilford, it was a really nice sunny day and I practically sold out! As I do more and more of these events- which are great for fundraising and spreading the word I’ve found that the best selling items are those that appeal to children and cost under £2 -people please share your ideas about what I could sell at my upcoming events. All suggestions welcome!

Have an amazing April everyone, whatever you get up to!  Emma x


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A little late

A little late in posting but, here are pictures of the fab donations that were received up until the end of march and a few days of April. So in no particular order……………………..

Great things for the Eid project, a sanitary pad set and some boys’ pants were sent in by Angela.

Carole donated a sleeveless top, fantastic cloth bags for the Eid project and five super cute bags that have been decorated with beads and ribbon which are perfect gifts for little girls!- I love this idea and am going to try out a few knitted versions.


 More beautiful fabric bags came from Helen, the addition of beads to the cord ties just make them look so pretty!

A  chunky knitted blanket from an anonymous donor

Colourful crochet squares and a hat were all donated by the Marlow knitting group

Three pretty pink hats were sent in anonymously. 

A super collection of items for the Eid gift bags and gorgeous short-sleeved cardigans were donated by Alice. 

A beautiful fleece blanket, squares, fab cloth bags and lots of things for the Eid project came from Annie, loving the flower headband!

Pretty cardigans, a patchwork blanket and the cutest puppets were donated by Peggy and Frances Pearson 

Beautiful hats and cardigans were donated by Kathy. The embroidered flowers really do give such a lovely finishing touch!

More great Eid treats along with some fab clothing were donated by Sue. 

A great collection of colourful hats and jumpers were donated by Irene and friends.

As always, sincere thanks to all of you who have taken the time and made the effort to  contribute to the project.

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