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Poncho perfect

The other week we received a donation of a brightly coloured poncho- it was totally lovely and just the perfect thing for the colder weather. It got me thinking that actually, ponchos are the perfect item of clothing to give to those in need as it isn’t a fixed size so, can be shared by siblings.

colourful poncho

So, I thought I would have a go at making a knitted version myself and oh my goodness, it was so simple and such a quick knit- basically knit two rectangles and sew them together, add an edge and attach some tassels. my 5 year old has claimed this one as hers but I plan to make more for some of the girls in Algeria as I know they will adore them!

pink poncho

More brilliant donations have been sent in the past week- here are just a few pics but huge thanks to all those who have given.



Progress is being made on our blanket coats, I hope to show the first creation very soon!  Each one will take approximately 115 knitted/crocheted 5” squares so any help with this would be much appreciated.

Hoping you have a wonderful start to September!

Emma x


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Shopping in Algiers

I wanted to tell you about a new shop that has opened in Dely Ibrahim, Algiers. It is called Silver Rose and is a jewellery and gift boutique where everything on the shelves has been made by hand.

The shop is owned by me and two other ladies: Aishah and Meriem. Lots of things being sold have been made by the three of us but, we are also committed to providing shelf space to others who would like to sell their handmade creations and increase their income.


shop window

As you all already know, I love to craft, sew and make. I have done craft fairs so many times in the UK and it is just fabulous on a personal level to be able to have a shop. Aside from that though, it has given me the opportunity to do fundraising for Algerian Action as I donate 20% of all sales. Aisha also kindly donates 10% too.

So, if you are in Algiers anytime do pop in to see us, have a look around, buy handmade and support AA at the same time-there are some wonderful treats to be had!

aa silver rose

Have a great week!

Emma x

Oh, and if you happen to be in Algiers, make things by hand and would like to sell your wares at Silver Rose we would be very happy to hear from you!


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Now is a really busy time for Algerian Action, our Eid appeal is well underway and lots of fabulous items are being donated for children in need. One shipment of Eid gifts and clothes has already been sent over and we plan to send another two before the end of Ramadan.

If you would like to help us make children smile this Eid ul fitr we would love to hear from you! We need donations of sweets, small toys, balloons and clothing which will all be given as gifts to children that have very little.

june eidapp

Of course, all of our other projects are ongoing and lots of gorgeous things have been donated to those too, in particular some lovely things for our ‘Baby pack project’ and some beautiful knitwear.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get my sewing machine out but, these gorgeous dresses donated by Carole have really inspired me to make some time…..

summer dress

Just to remind you, in a couple of weeks it is small charity week and we will be participating by holding an online Auction which will raise money for our food aid programme.


Lots of lovely things have already been donated to the Auction including a stunning candle set from this talented Henna artist.

candles pious If you are a crafter,artist or business owner and would like to donate something that can be auctioned off do get in touch!

Have a great week everyone!

Emma x


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Is it that that the weather has become colder and more people are staying at home crafting and clearing out I don’t know but, the past few weeks have seen so many items being donated to those in need- which is just fabulous! We usually send one shipment of donations per month but now with winter fast approaching that will increase as hats, gloves and warm blankets will need to be sent too.

This is just a small selection of donations that have been received but, huge thanks and appreciated are owed to all who have sent things in. Thank you all for your support!

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As part of our ongoing fundraising efforts we have been attending community events and having a stall selling various items. Now that we are coming into Winter we have lots more events coming up and need more things for our stall. By far the best selling items are those that are handmade -toys, jewellery, cards, tea cosies and baby clothing have all done well. But do you have any other ideas? what does well at events local to you?
As the weather is getting colder and people are wrapping up in coats I thought about brooches- they can be made up quite quickly and use just scraps of yarn or fabric.
The one above is just a pattern I made up but, lots can be found on the web.
knitted brooch patterns
Fabric brooch patterns
If you would like to help us fill our stall with hand-crafted treats that would be a huge help or if you can offer tips and ideas on what we could sell please do share!


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February so far

A little late in posting pics of the recent donations, so sorry for that. I have a good excuse though, I have just been so busy finalising the details of a couple of fundraising events. More to follow on that shortly!

Anyway, some really gorgeous things have been arriving beautiful knits, some fabulous toys and clothing for teens . Look on.

Cute baby hats from Helen in Rotherham.

More Fabulous pillowcase dresses from Carole, beautiful blankets and I just love, love, love the scarves!

Fabulous pre-loved boys clothes that will fit children aged between 10-13 years were donated by Lisa.

Wonderful, colourful jumpers to fit toddlers and young children plus a stack of hats were donated by the Go ‘n’ knit group in Kington.

Beautiful knitted clothing and the cutest toys along with pencils and books were sent in by Carolyn in Cardiff.

The most beautiful crochet cardigan and scarf set, a pretty peach jumper and lots of clothes for older teens which is just what is needed right now!

Lovely knitted blanket squares in shades of brown were donated by Margaret Reedman.

Beautiful scarves and a selection of hats,toys and gloves were sent in by Chris.

Gorgeous pre-loved summer dresses and other cutesy baby clothes were donated by Fitzy.

Huge, huge thanks for such super donations!


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More great things


Four beautiful cardigans for young children were donated by Kathy Findley.

A whole stack of knitted squares along with hats, cardigans and a jumper were sent in by Lynda and her daughter Kate 

A gorgeous pair of socks, pretty baby blankets and jumpers and cardigans were donated by ‘Eves’.

Everything as usual, is wonderful. Thank you for your generosity.

P.S. My apologies for posting such poor quality photos. Yet again my camera has broken so I have had no choice but to pull my very old one back out of the drawer . I will be getting a new one ASAP so please bear with me.

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