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12 hours to go!

All of our hand crafted items have now been listed and there is just 12 hours until the Auction ends!

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far  by donating the items , by bidding in the Auction and by spreading the word.

There is still time to participate though. Still time to place a bid. Still time to help Youcef get the medical treatment he needs.  Seriously, every penny really makes a difference.

If the items listed here don’t take your fancy there is also this gorgeous teal coloured purse being Auctioned here which is open to international bidders.

For those living in Jeddah there is also this super cute turtle up for grabs from the same blog.

Happy bidding and thanks again!


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The rest of the week

Firstly as promised, here are pictures of the preloved clothing donated by Rebecca and the patchwork blankets which were sent in by Katherine.

Some lovely chunky jumpers were sent in by an anonymous donor

 Beautiful little cardigans plus  drawstring bags, notebooks and jewels for the Eid gift bags were donated by Carole.

A pretty crochet blanket, ladies underwear, preloved shirts and some fab Eid bags for boys were sent in by Anna.

four more gorgeous Eid gift bags from Helen, I really love the model paper aeroplanes for the boys and combs for the older girls – great ideas! 

Another excellent Eid gift bag, some tops for children and two pretty pastel blankets were donated by Anna’s Mum.

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful contributions.  It’s lovely to see so many bits and pieces and even ‘complete’ bags for the Eid project but, more about that in my next post. x

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The rest of the week

Was just as busy with donations arriving.

Beautiful crochet blankets were donated by Pauline, they are so colourful and such a great size.

A snuggly striped blanket and gorgeous knitwear was donated by Frances.

A lovely collection of jumpers to fit older children and some pretty hats and gloves came from someone known only as J. Billington

Super kid’s jumpers and hats along with some clothing for teens came from Ann.

Beautiful knitwear from Vera in Hailsham.

An anonymous donor sent in a whole batch of brightly coloured jumpers

 A lovely collection of knitted hats and a sweet baby cardigan were donated by Lisa in Farnham.

Some great t.shirts for older kids and two gorgeous blankets were sent in by Anna, love the little flower detail!

Lastly, a huge box of clothing and £30 was donated by Rebecca, all the way from Italy.

So yet again, thank you so much for such fantastic contributions!


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It gets better


This week has been absolutely super for donations!!!

January has been a typically gloomy month weather-wise unlike  the donations which  seem to be getting more and more colourful, they certainly brighten my day and will be adored by the lucky recipients. Take a look-   

Gorgeous jumper and hat sets and a wonderful patchwork blanket were donated by Doris.

Soft and snuggly hats arrived from Angie. 

A super fluffy cardigan and tank top along with a pretty pale mint cardigan were sent in by Kathy. 

Gorgeous crochet blankets, scarves, hats, mittens and a cuddly toy were all donated by Barbara. 

A  little striped jumper from an anonymous donor. 

Cute, colourful baby  hats came from Noreen.

Chunky knitted squares were sent in by Mrs Lynch.

Gorgeous baby sets, the most beautiful blankets and much-needed jumpers for older children were donated by Phyllis.

Perfect hats and squares were donated by Judith.

Really lovely pre-loved baby clothes were sent in by Fitzy. 

Another batch of summer striped jumpers from Celia.

More lovely baby knits from Alice and her 86-year-old Aunt Greta. 

A rainbow of colour poured out of the box that came from Penny and the Otley knitting group- dazzling jumpers, hats and a diamond blanket!   

Beautiful toddler sized  jumpers, pretty baby sets and a pair of striped mittens were donated by Pauline in Royston.

which just leaves me to say thank you, a HUGE thank you to everyone  for being so, so generous!

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More beautiful things




A rainbow of hats, scarves, jumpers and cardigans arrived from the office of David Drew MP on behalf of his crafting constituents.


Four sets of bootees came all the way from the USA, beautifully made by Laura.   a 009

a 014

A great selection of pre-loved clothes, some crocheted squares, knitted toys and some fabulous orange socks were donated by Jan in Guildford.


a 015

Pretty baby sets, dresses, cardigans, hats and mittens were donated by Lynn in Gosport.

 a 017

Cute cardigan sets complete with a soft toy in the pocket came from Kathleen in Canada.


a 021

  Emily, her 12 year old daughter and her 87 year old Mum donated soft cuddly toys, colourful jumpers. some craft materials and a handmade colouring book-fabulous!

a 019

Gorgeous crochet blankets, a knitted sleep suit and two pretty lemon cardigans were donated by Francis. 

Huge thanks to everyone for sending in such fantastic things!

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Some really lovely things have been donated this month both hand-crafted and shop bought items.

Sheryl in Nuneaton sent in a great selection of baby clothes including vests,socks, hats,bootees,mittens and the cutest little shoes.

.donny 012

Absolutely beautiful crochet sets were donated by Ann, everything is fantastic but I just adore the trousers!



A fabulous selection of knitted cardigans along with baby vests, bibs,socks and pj’s were donated by Jenny in Stratford upon Avon.


Thank you ladies for taking the time to support the project.

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Last of the August donations


Here are pictures of the last donations which were received in August-

A beautiful soft and snugly blanket from Paula, I just love the added touch of the gift tag.

last august donations 003

Colourful stripy jumpers for toddlers were sent by Mrs Garrett

last august donations 004

Fabulous pre-loved boys clothes were kindly sent in by Elaine on behalf of Eric

last august donations 006

Joyce in the USA donated some fantastic, colourful crochet squares and some gorgeous baby clothes.

last august donations 007

The next two were sent by different people (I think) but neither had a note to say who they were from. One parcel included knitted teddies that came complete with sleeping bags and the other had cardigans with little soft toys poking out of the pockets- such cute ideas!   

last august donations 009

last august donations 008

Pretty cardigans, shorts and a dress were donated by Lynn in Gosport

last august donations 011

A cute doll,knitted cardigan, two hats and some blanket squares were sent by an anonymous donor

last august donations 012

Linda in Cheshire loads of beautiful baby hats, some cute toys and a cardigan. 

last august donations 013


last august donations 015

Two lovely blankets,jumpers,hats and bootees were sent by Angie, it was really nice to hear from her again after her extended tour around Europe in a motor-home. 

last august donations 016

Two beautiful baby blankets,mittens,jumpers and bootees were donated by Christine and Janet in Swansea.  

last august donations 001

Huge thanks to everyone for such generous and beautiful donations.

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