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March round up

March was yet another month for fantastic donations, gorgeous pre loved clothing, fabulous knits and lots of things for the Eid gift bag appeal.

Thank you so much to those who answered my plea for fabric bags. More are still needed so if anyone fancies dragging the sewing machine out and making a few it would be wonderful! 

 Thanks to everyone’s generosity a further fifty-one Eid bags were able to be made up in March.  There are still quite a few to do especially for the older children.  Actually, I’m a bit stuck as to what to put in the bags for boy’s age 12+, any ideas? Sue suggested solar-powered calculators or geometry sets which sound great but it would be really helpful to hear your ideas too.  

Still looking for short-sleeved patterns / links so if you have any please share. I’m trying a bolero pattern that Phyllis and Helen sent me.  It looks good so far.  Once I’ve finished it I’ll post a picture and if anyone is interested I’ll send them a copy of the pattern.

Thank you so much everyone for being so kind and thoughtful.  Your help with this is truly appreciated.

I hope you all have an amazing April!

Emma x

Oh and before I forget, the total amount of donations received throughout March was 1019 .Wow!



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Eid project 2010

So, an update on our newest project.

It is really wonderful to see that so many of you have decided to contribute. Beautiful things have been donated and your kindness has really surpassed all my expectations.

The Eid gift bag project has only been running a few weeks and already  we have 17 completed bags, there’s still a way to go but it is  so encouraging.  With lots of cute hair things donated and some that I bought myself I’ve made up 19 hair accessories packs each containing a selection of clips, bobbles and headbands. These can go inside the bigger gift bags.  I’m in the process of making up some craft / stationery sets with the pens, pencils etc that have been donated, I just need to get some notebooks and paper to go inside and they will be done, there are 20 of these.

Lots of help is still needed with this project. Whilst it is fabulous when people donate a complete gift bag full of things, this isn’t necessary.  Every single item helps, a pencil, a packet of felt pens, a few balloons it will all go towards making a special day really memorable.

For those that can sew it would be fantastically helpful if you could make a few bags. Nothing fancy, just a little drawstring number about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. If you don’t have something to use for the drawstring just send it ‘as is’ because I have loads of ribbon that can be used. 

At the moment things for all age groups are needed, particularly items suitable for both girls and boys aged  2/3 years and 7/8.

Oh, and if any one has any patterns or links to short-sleeved cardigans, boleros and the like please share!

As always thank you all so much for your unending generosity!

Have a great weekend, Emma x


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March week #2

Another fabulous week (well a few days  longer than a week) full of donations!

Beautiful boys jumpers and hats were sent in by Rhoda in Shetland.

A collection of colourful short sleeved jumpers were donated by Catherine.

A beautiful crochet blanket made using all different shades of green and a handmade fabric hat were sent in by Freya.

Lots of hats came from an anonymous donor.

Pre-loved tops and track suit bottoms, underwear, socks, a hat along with the cutest lacy bootees and a pink cardigan were donated by Jan

Jan also sent in the most gorgeously scented soap, with names like ‘toffee apple’. I just wish that you could smell them!


Pretty pink hats came from Pat.

Wonderful hand-towels, flannels a poncho and two cardigans were donated by Angela in Stoke on Trent.

A striped hat from one anonymous donor and lots of other baby hats from another.

Beautiful jumpers that will fit older children were donated by Phyllis

A colourful hat and two jumpers came from Karen

Lots of colourful knitted squares were donated by Rosemary.

Fabulous things for the Eid gift bags, underwear and several pairs of glasses were donated by Angela.

Some wonderful Eid gift bags full up with treats were donated by Helen. She also sent in some underwear, hair bobbles and some preloved t.shirts.

A huge box of fab children’s clothes were donated by Rebecca and two pretty  pastel blankets were donated by Katharine, I haven’t got any room left to put pictures up here so they will be in the following post.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -EVERYTHING is brilliant!

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