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Welcome February!

February is here already- wherever does the time go! We have been super busy lately and judging by the fabulous donations that have been arriving you have been too!

Look at  these gorgeous cardigans for our baby packs-aren’t the sparkly buttons just lovely?!


I don’t have the patience to knit for anyone bigger than a baby but, I am so glad that some of you do and with such beautiful workmanship too!


More perfect pastel creations for our baby packs which are appreciated so much by our new (or new again) mums.



Plus fantastic colourful blankets!


Thank you all so much for your generosity and support it means the world to us!

Have a great weekend, Emma x



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Are you ready to join hands and make some noise?

just one seed  cover

Just one seed is our newest and biggest project yet and a little different to anything that we have done before. It is an environmental project which will show that even the smallest of actions can create big changes.

This year we will be encouraging children and young people to care for their environment and learn about nature in fun and creative ways. We have also set ourselves the challenge to fill neglected areas with colourful flowers and create beautiful community gardens in a number of places.

Our first adventure is to create a community garden complete with play area and seating in Meftah, an area just a little outside of the capital. This garden will be a place for the whole community to enjoy. It will provide a fun space for children to play in and an area for adults to sit and relax. Through creating and caring for the garden  It will be a place for people to come together, share their skills, gain new experiences, care for the environment and make a long lasting difference. The benefits for everyone are far reaching.  Work has already started on our first garden and we are so excited and totally thrilled at the prospect of turning mud and debris into something gloriously beautiful and beneficial but, to do it we really need your help.

In Algeria there is a saying: one hand can’t clap. individually, even with the best of intentions we are limited, but collectively the possibilities are endless. Together we can do so much more, together we can make our community gardens a reality . Are you ready to join hands and make some noise?

park re

The ‘before’ picture!


How to help:

We would love for you to donate seeds. We really hope to nurture plants from all over the world and your donation of even just one seed could help us do that. We are up for a challenge so all types of seeds are very welcome-flowers,herbs,fruit,vegetables we are happy to try them all!

If you are in Algiers and fancy volunteering to get your hands dirty please get in touch (our email is info@algerianaction.co.uk) we would love to hear from you!

Alternatively you may like to sponsor something beautiful for our gardens and green spaces. This is a great way for groups, individuals and businesses to support our work. Sponsorship starts at just a ‘one off’ £1. for more details on how to help in this way visit our website.


Just one seed is all it takes to make a difference. You can make that difference.

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Make a difference to a family in need this Ramadan.

We are now less than a month away from Ramadan and are busy organising the food packs for our families in need. Like previous years the packs will contain a selection of essential products like oil, flour, tomatoes and cous cous along with a few treats.

Can you help a family break their fast after a long hot day?
We need donations of non perishable food items or monetary donations. Every donation will make a difference- the difference between eating and staying hungry. Nothing is ever too small.

As usual, we will also be distributing sweets, and small gifts to children in celebration of Eid ul Fitr so donations of this type are also very much appreciated.- Balloons, pencils, bouncy balls….you know the type of thing!

If you can help in any way at all please get in touch and remember to share our poster with your family and friends

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!



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Thank you!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to of all of those that participated in the Winter Wonder event at the weekend. It was very much a last minute thing to help raise some extra funds for the increasing number of families that are needing help. But, thanks to your efforts of sharing, liking and giving it was possible to raise a total of £310 through auction sales and one off donations because of the interest the event generated.

4hours   A special thanks to the small businesses that donated items to the Auction too. (Links of these can be found in the sidebar).

business collageThe money will be used to buy additional supplies of blankets and other items to help those in need keep warm this winter.(Pictures to follow shortly).

Have a great week everyone!

Emma x

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Auction time!

Ok folks, our Auction is now on! lots of things will be added throughout the day and it will close at 12 midnight (gmt)

The auction will be taking place over on our fb page so do head over and take a look! All money raised will be used to buy food for needy families. Lots of things have low starting prices and every penny will make a difference to those that don’t even have enough to eat.

I realise that not everyone is a fan of facebook so, I will also add some auction items here which you can bid on- watch out for them later today!- the bidding on this blog will end on Sunday at midnight gmt



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A year in review

If everyone in the UK donated just £1 each over £62 million would be raised. Imagine how may water wells that could build in Ethiopia, how many people it could feed in Liberia, how many cataract operations it would fund in India or indeed how many blankets it could provide to the many thousands of homeless people living on the streets of the UK itself ………

Okay, I know that is not going to happen but, my point is that collectively even the smallest  individual gestures made by a group of people can make a big difference to people in need. That if everyone pulls together things can happen and do happen.

Do you remember Abdel Kader? we bought him a wheelchair back in March. Through your donations of glasses we were also able to help 123 people with their sight problems.


Do you remember Abdullah Salim? In October we were able to contribute to his medical fees. We also bought medicine for over 200 people who were unable to pay the costs themselves.



Through our baby pack project we have been able to  provide hundreds of mothers with clothing for their newborns.


Plus items donated to our Eid Appeal enabled us to give gifts, sweets and new clothes to 762 children in the summer.


We have been able to provide food  to children and families in need and distribute thousands of items of clothing.




All of these people have been assisted by money raised through our fundraising efforts: Our spring fair, attending events, individual donations and the sale of our cookery book. They have been helped because the general public have been supportive and donated a huge amount of clothing, toiletries, toys and other essentials and of course not forgetting all those that generously donate their time.

My Pictures1

Collectively we have made a difference: through our gestures we have made the lives of some of those experiencing the effects of poverty a little bit easier. So thank you, thank you all for your enormous generosity and for caring enough to want to help .

There is still a long way to go and so much more that can be done. So, I really hope I can count on your continued support throughout 2013!

Some exciting things are planned but, more on that in my next post.



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Have you bought it yet?


If you haven’t already bought a copy of the cookbook then please do. Not only will you get a collection of delicious tried and tested recipes but you will be helping needy children and families living in Algeria too.

All proceeds raised from today until the end of the year will go towards helping a little girl have an operation that will enable her to speak. Her parent’s are trying everything to raise the cash themselves but in reality it will take years for them to raise the £2,000 they need.

More info on the book can be found here. it costs just £5.99 and postage is free to addresses in the UK and Europe. It can be ordered here.

So please, buy a book and help us give this little girl a chance to say her first words.


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