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Charity Bazaar

Do you enjoy shopping, socialising with friends and eating good food? If so and you are in or around London you simply must try and come along to our Charity Bazaar on Sunday 25th March!

There will be lots of fabulous stalls selling a variety of items including scarves, clothing, jewellery, books and toys.  In addition there will be games, face painting and a bouncy castle to entertain the kids.  Not to mention a delicious range of food and sweet treats for you all to enjoy.

More information on the event including details on how to get to the venue plus info on booking a stall  can be found on the website.

As always, we will be having a stall selling all manner of hand made goodies so, if any of you crafty folk fancy making something for our stall your help would be most appreciated!  Likewise, if anyone would like to volunteer to help on the day please do get in touch!

Hope to see you there!



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From a tumbled down shack to a real building, the building project is now really taking shape. The walls are built the rooms are made just plastering, painting and finishing touches to be done.



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A busy month

April was a busy month for Algerian Action in many ways.

Two fundraising events were held on our behalf, the first was a ‘ Krazy Kids fundraiser’in Reading which raised £350 for us. It was a very successful evening and the organizers were also able to give the same amount to a project in Pakistan in addition to a donation to aid those suffering in Libya.

The second event was a charity bazaar  held last Sunday in London, there were stalls, lots of kids activities and delicious Algerian food.  The amount raised is still being calculated but, a fun day was had by all!

Huge thanks to everyone involved with arranging those events, your help is very much appreciated.

This year’s Eid Appeal was also launched in April, We have a target of almost 500 gifts and already  we have collected gifts for  125 children! We need small toys, sweets, balloons, pencils ect.  More details of this special appeal can be found here.

People have also been very generous in donating clothing and other essentials.  Beautifully knitted jumpers, blankets, toothbrushes, shoes, underwear and summer things are just a few of the fabulous things that arrived in April.

This month, the final preparations are being put into place for an exciting new project which will offer additional help to some of the poorest families living in Algiers- all will be revealed shortly!

We haven’t got any events planned for May but, Algerian Action will be having a stall at three events in June so we will be busy organizing ourselves for that, if anyone would like to make things to sell at these events you are very welcome to do so or if you would like to help out at these type of events in the future please do get in touch.

As always, thank you so much to all of you for your support and contributions, without your  help Algerian Action just couldn’t exist!

Have a marvelous May everyone!

Emma x


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We need you!

Just a short while ago we had a target to reach of £1700 so that a new home could be built for a family in need. People have been so generous and we now have just £372 to reach our goal. In the grand scheme of things it is not a huge amount to raise but, without it the work simply cannot begin. Every penny really will make a difference. Can you help this family?

Donations can be made by cheque, paypal or direct into our charity account.

Thank you so much!

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So, where are we at?

Firstly, let me say a big big thank you to all of you who have already donated to or have contacted me offering help to the family in need. It’s really heart-warming to see how people from all over are willing to come together and try and help those in need. Thank you for your generosity!

One bag has already been sent and a second bag of clothing, blankets and other essentials will be sent over in the next week. As I have said before the main priority needs to be rebuilding the family’s home so that they will have at least somewhere clean and dry to live and keep their belongings.  We have a target of £1,700 and I am very happy to say that so far, Algerian Action have raised £975! there is still a way to go but, we have all done so well.

Several people have already held or are planning to hold a ‘Cake & a Cuppa’ event and I will be holding one at my own home on 9th April. Enjoying tea and cake with friends, family or colleagues  is such a fun, relaxed way of fundraising and it could be just the thing to get us to our goal of £1,700 and ultimately give a family a new home.

Every single penny makes a difference!

Once again, thank you all for your continued support.


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Cake and a cuppa Campaign

Who doesn’t love a scrumptious slice of cake and something hot to wash it down with?

Well we thought it would be a great idea to combine this favourite treat with raising funds for charity.

Remember the family that I introduced to you last week? The family that is living in a shack.

Well,as I said before, the family are living in an absolutely desperate situation. A small bag of essentials was sent from us at the weekend and we will send a larger shipment of things in two ~ three weeks time. Thanks to your generosity things have already started to arrive that can be included in this emergency parcel. Please continue to donate, details of sizes etc can be found here

Whilst we are committed to sending clothing, bedding, towels………. there really isn’t a great deal of point in doing so if the family have nowhere dry to keep their new belongings. They need to have their home rebuilt. An estimate of £1,700 has been given. This will provide them with somewhere clean, safe and dry in which to live. It will enable them to focus on improving their long-term prospects which they are currently unable to do. It will restore to them a sense of normality and dignity.

Anyway back to cake, we need to raise £1,700 and we need your help!

We are asking anyone and everyone to help us reach our target by selling cake, it could be a coffee morning with colleagues, afternoon tea with friends, a school bake sale…….the options are endless. It can be as simple or as grand as you want and it could take place anywhere in the world.

Every penny makes a difference.  Help us to help them.

To help you with making your event  a huge success we have put together an info sheet and some posters all of which can be downloaded from our website.


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A family in need

As I have mentioned here before, there are people in Algeria that live in conditions that are completely unseen in Europe and the developed world. My work with Algerian Action has meant that I have come into contact with quite a lot of families in need and have seen many sorry situations however, sometimes you hear of something which somehow seems worse than those before, something that touches you and pulls at your heart strings just that little bit harder.  That is what happened to me when I heard about the following family- a mother and four children.  The story was told to me by a friend who lives in Algeria- a lady, who with a group of others helps those in need. She has written about it on her blog which is in French.

The family are living in conditions which are quite indescribable but needless to say unliveable. They live in a shack where a wall is made from blankets and  a thin sheet acts as a door. The roof is made from plastic which leaks causing their few belongings to become soaked through and leaving them with nowhere to sleep but wet blankets.

The Mother suffers from rheumatism which often renders her unable to look after her youngest, a six year old girl called Zeyneb.

When my friend went to visit she found Zeyneb sitting on a blanket which was damp and smelling of urine, she was disheveled and her hair was sticky and full of lice. Yet despite this, she had a smile like sunshine and was thrilled with the paper and coloured pencils she was given.

There is also an eighteen year old daughter who helps as much as she can and does not mix with the other girls her own age she said that the cold and living conditions had caused both her and her mother to become incontinent and that it was impossible to keep themselves clean. In addition there is a son aged 20, he is unable to read and write and has a low ability. He does not currently have a job, unfortunately he has been treated badly by employers in the past but he does want to work. Lastly there is another son aged 12 who is not attending school.  The children live alone with their Mother.

The family has lived in these conditions for the last ten years.

The family obviously have very little and I hope that we will be able to assist them as much as possible.

Jobs are currently being sought for the eldest son and mother. It is also planned that the son will be educated to read and write as this will surely help his long term prospects. In addition efforts will be made to get the younger children back into the education system.

Medium term but, really as soon as possible their home needs to be rebuilt so that it can be a safe,dry and secure place in which to live.

Immediately, shoes and clothing are needed for all family members, The mother and 18 year old daughter are both size 4 in shoes and are 10-12 in clothing. The eldest son is also size 4 in shoes and wears size S clothing. The 12 year old boy wears clothes for his age and his shoe size is 2.5 (35) and the little girl is age 6 and wears shoe size 11.5 (30) .

Every single item and every single penny donated will allow this family to start living a normal life, please give whatever you are able to. I plan to send an ’emergency parcel’ to them in two weeks time and then follow up with further items soon after. Part of the funds raised at our Spring Fair will also go towards the rebuilding of the home.

If you can do anything to help this family who are desperately in need please get in touch.


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