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Otley knitters

More gorgeous knits from the ladies at Otley knitting group. I just love the idea of diamond patterned patchworks and I think I am going to attempt to make one with some of the wonderful squares that have been donated recently.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful donations!


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And more

Lucy made and sent in the hats and squares pictured above as part of  her studies. They are made of a lovely chunky yarn so will be perfect for the winter!

A great multicoloured patchwork blanket was sent in by a lady in Sheffield- it’s such a help when squares come already stitched together!

A friend of my Mum made these pretty cardigans and hats, the picture doesn’t show them that well but the cardigans have the cutest teddy bear buttons on them.

Jumpers and hats in lovely muted shades of creams, greens and blues were sent by a mystery donor- thank you whoever you are!

Gorgeous cardigans and hats were made by Carole in Southampton. I just love the idea of using all different buttons, your knits look great!

Gorgeous pastel cardigans were sent by Mrs Mohammed, they are so pretty and use lots of different stitches.

A huge thank you to these generous ladies!

The backlog still continues and there are many more pics to come………………

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More donations

I received two more parcels of donations, the first one from pauline had loads of knitted squares in fabulous shades of cream, brown and peach they are such a great size as they making sewing up a blanket much quicker! She also sent some gorgeous baby hats and cardigans, I just love that rounded neckline with the collar- super cute!

The other parcel came from two ladies in  Pocklington who kindly sent 17 hats and 3 pairs of mittens for  toddlers and young children. They are in great colours and it’s helpful to get things that are slightly bigger too!


So, a great big thank you for take the time to knit and support the project.

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Last week….

A parcel arrived from a lady in London, well actually she hadn’t done the knitting her young daughter had. With the help of some friends they managed to knit a whole heap of hats for the children in Algeria.

Thank you so much for all your hardwork and effort, I know that the kids will love their new clothes!

My Mum’s friend and work colleague called Elaine also made a donation last week.  She had made a  jumper, a cardigan and two hat and mitten sets. The clothes are so pretty! Thank you for taking the trouble to support the project, your help is really appreciated.


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A Handful of hats

Or more like a box full!

 Today I received a parcel of 38 wonderful hats in lovely colours -just perfect for keeping new babies warm and cosy!

Thank you so much, your donation is greatly appreciated.

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Another lot of goodies

Then another parcel arrived.  This one had hats, cardigans and teddies.

The hats and cardigans are in the most fabulous colours, I love the check design and I just adore those pearl buttons on the purple cardigan! The teddies are very cute and I just know that the little ones will love them.

Thank you for donating your knitting to Algerian Action, your support is greatly appreciated.

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Hats and squares

Today another parcel arrived from our lady in Tonbridge it was packed full of beautiful hats and large knitted squares. Everything is beautifully made and they are all in such lovely colours. 

Thank you so much for continuing to support the project, your help is much appreciated.

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