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A pattern to try

 A while ago Anke donated a jumper pattern to the project for us to use. I had hoped to make it before posting so have been holding off for a while. But, weeks on I have only managed to do the front and one sleeve, which have come out very well but as time seems to be running away at the moment I thought I had better let you have it now. My version is in shades of purple and I like the striped effect.  Its an easy knit! 


Needles 3 ¼ and 4mm 

 Material required:Front:
Using 3 ¼mm needles cast on 60(66;72;78;80) sts; work in rib for 12(12;12;14;14) rows.
Change to 4mm needles and proceed in STST **until piece measures 55(61;70;80;84) rows** from beg. of STST.
Shape neck:
Knit 24(26;29;32;33) sts; turn and proceed as follows. Knit 1 row, then decrease 1 st at neck edge in next and every following alternate row to 20(22;25;27;28) sts; then continue without further shaping to 70(76;86;96;102) rows. Right side facing cast off.
Slip middle 12(14;14;14;14) sts onto stitch holder, rejoin yarn and work the other side accordingly.
DK, approx /size/ age : 
150g   –  18″  –  1yr
180g   – 20″   – 2yr
 200g  –  22″   -3/4yrs
 230g  – 24″    – 5/6yrs
 250g  – 26″    –  7yrs
  STST = stocking stitch
sts = stitches



As Front until **, then knit instead **until piece measures 60(66;75;85;89) rows**.
Then continue as for Front.

Sleeves (make 2):
Using 3 ¼ mm needles cast on 28(30;34;36;40) sts and rib for 12(12;12;14;14) sts. In next row change to needles 4, continue in STST and increase to 32(34;38;40;44) sts; then increase 1 st on each end in every 4th row to 50(56;62;66;72) sts. Then continue without further shaping to 46(52;60;66;74) rows from beg. of STST.

Join right shoulder seam. With right side facing and 3 ¼mm needles pick up and knit as follows: 14(15;15;16;16) sts along left side of neck (front);
12(14;14;14;14) sts from stitch holder;
14(15;15;16;16) sts along right side of neck (front);
10(10;12;12;14) sts along right side of neck (back);
12(14;14;14;14) sts from stitch holder;
10(10;12;12;14) sts along left side of neck (back).
= 72(78;82;84;88) sts.
Work in rib for 8 rows. Purl 9th row to make a fold ridge, then rib another 8 rows. Cast off in rib loosely, turn neckband in and loosely stitch to the inside.

Join left shoulder seam. Sew sleeves to the shoulders and join remaining side and sleeve seams. Darn in all ends.


If you spot any mistakes please do let me know so that I can make ammendments if necessary.

To view more of Anke’s work take a  look at her blog where she writes regularly about her knitting antics. 

Happy knitting!



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And more

Lucy made and sent in the hats and squares pictured above as part of  her studies. They are made of a lovely chunky yarn so will be perfect for the winter!

A great multicoloured patchwork blanket was sent in by a lady in Sheffield- it’s such a help when squares come already stitched together!

A friend of my Mum made these pretty cardigans and hats, the picture doesn’t show them that well but the cardigans have the cutest teddy bear buttons on them.

Jumpers and hats in lovely muted shades of creams, greens and blues were sent by a mystery donor- thank you whoever you are!

Gorgeous cardigans and hats were made by Carole in Southampton. I just love the idea of using all different buttons, your knits look great!

Gorgeous pastel cardigans were sent by Mrs Mohammed, they are so pretty and use lots of different stitches.

A huge thank you to these generous ladies!

The backlog still continues and there are many more pics to come………………

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And today….

I received a package containing two beautifully knitted jumpers.  Both are short sleeved and they look to have been knitted as one piece. The fluffy aqua stripes are great! 

Thank you for taking the time to support the project.

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Last week….

A parcel arrived from a lady in London, well actually she hadn’t done the knitting her young daughter had. With the help of some friends they managed to knit a whole heap of hats for the children in Algeria.

Thank you so much for all your hardwork and effort, I know that the kids will love their new clothes!

My Mum’s friend and work colleague called Elaine also made a donation last week.  She had made a  jumper, a cardigan and two hat and mitten sets. The clothes are so pretty! Thank you for taking the trouble to support the project, your help is really appreciated.


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Just beautiful

Today I received a lovely parcel of donations from a lady in Bridgend. She had made the most beautiful baby cardigan, a great blue jumper and a beige jumper for an older child plus two snugly scarves. Clearly she is a very talented knitter!

Personally, I’m not very good at doing long knitting projects so usually stick to baby and toddler sizes But, for any one who has more staying power than me clothing for older children is also much needed and appreciated. As always all colours and types of yarn may be used.   

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