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Mid September

Lots of donations have arrived over the last two weeks including these fabulous baby knits which are just perfect for our baby pack project that helps destitute mothers to be and new mums.



As we are now mid September we are preparing for the fast approaching colder months. All types of warm clothing are really needed and much appreciated. As usual we will also be distributing blankets and for the first time blanket coats- basically long cardigans made from knitted and crocheted squares. Each coat takes 115 5” squares so a donation of even just one square would be a great help.



Thank you so much for all that you do. Have a great week!

Emma x


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Some really lovely things have been donated this month both hand-crafted and shop bought items.

Sheryl in Nuneaton sent in a great selection of baby clothes including vests,socks, hats,bootees,mittens and the cutest little shoes.

.donny 012

Absolutely beautiful crochet sets were donated by Ann, everything is fantastic but I just adore the trousers!



A fabulous selection of knitted cardigans along with baby vests, bibs,socks and pj’s were donated by Jenny in Stratford upon Avon.


Thank you ladies for taking the time to support the project.

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A great start to August

Donations have already started to arrive this month and so far some really lovely things have been sent in.

A great selection of cardigans and some sanitary pads were sent in by Mrs Mohammed. the daisy buttons are just so cute!

Lovely short sleeved jumpers  and baby hats from a lady in St Leonards on Sea.

Two brightly striped jumpers from a lady in Eastleigh.

An Anonomous donor sent four hats which are really soft to touch.

Gorgeous cardigans and jumpers were sent in by Kathy. 

A whole range of jumpers,hats, cardigans and a blanket were donated by the Nit and Natter ladies at Leander Court. 

Two large colourful crochet blankets and a selection of jumpers were sent by a lady in Paignton.

Thank you to everyone for such great donations, your help is much appreciated.

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Even more donations

More fabulous donations including pre-loved clothes for men and women, gorgeous crochet blankets, some fantastic drawstring bags in addition to lots and lots of beautiful baby clothes. Huge thanks to everybody.


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