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You may remember a while back I asked if anyone would like to help us by being a regional co-ordinator in their local area, well I’m very pleased to say that a lovely lady, who has been a long-time supporter of Algerian Action put herself forward to be a co-ordinator for Northamptonshire. So a very warm welcome to Carol- I know you will do an amazing job!

Regional co-ordinators will help us carry out our work more effectively and spread the word about Algerian Action and all that we do. If you would like to volunteer in this way and help where you live please get in touch ( info@algerianaction.co.uk ) and request an application form- we would love to hear from you.

If you live in Northamptonshire and would like to get in touch with Carol the email address is northants@algerianaction.co.uk


I am also very excited to introduce a corporate sponsor of our new travelling library project. ‘My Little Big Town’, a children’s book publisher that produce innovative and fun books for a variety of age groups have generously agreed to come on board and support our work. To find out more about the company please visit their website

my little big town bigtown logo


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Giveaway! ****closed************

As the regulars will know, this month is ‘bake for books’  month: where we are encouraging all and everyone to hold a coffee morning, tea party or any other event that involves cake to help us raise funds for our new library project………….. we are really hoping to buy some book trolleys!

Bakeforbooks-001     Anyway, as promised and to add to the fun we will be holding a few giveaways throughout the rest of March.

First up is a fabulous cookbook written by Edd Kimber (of Great British bake-off fame) The book, ‘Say it with cake’ is filled with over 80 show stopping recipes that are sure to delight even the most discerning tastebuds!

say it with cake

Featuring recipes from around the world, he includes, crowd pleasing cakes, biscuits, cupcakes,cheesecakes,meringues, pies, truffles, tarts and buns. The Author also shares several tips on decorating,assembly and presentation to help you make the most of your baking. The book is hard back,  has 192 pages and the most mouthwatering pictures.


To get your hands on our donated copy all you need to do is leave a comment in the box below telling us what your all time favourite cake is.

The giveaway is open to everyone worldwide and closes at 12.30pm (gmt) on Saturday 16th March. The recipient will be chosen randomly by an on-line generator.

So what are you waiting for?!

*UPDATE* …………………………………………….And the book goes to Mariel!!

I can’t seem to get the screen shot of the online generator here but, if anyone would like me to email it to them please let me know.


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A fantastic month!

I know we are almost half way through March but, I have been away for the last ten days and didn’t get a chance to round up the month before I went away.  So, here we are a very brief recap on what happened in Feb:

Well, the most fantastic news of all was that we reached our target of 1,000 books! We are now almost in the position of being able to start the library- we still need to get the book trolleys but we are well on target for ‘opening’ in the Summer.


Continuing the book theme, we also participated in international book giving day on February 14th.

ibg Lots and lots of fabulous items were also donated including toys, toiletries, blankets and clothing and craft materials, below is just a small selection of things given by our supporters in February.

febround febround2febround.3jpg febround4As always, huge enormous thanks for all of your help and support. Have a marvellous March everyone!

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We did it!



I am so pleased to let you all know that we have now exceeded the target for our book collection. In just two months we have managed to accumulate a massive 1,023 books all of which are of excellent quality and fabulous condition.

Huge, huge thanks to all of you that have contributed!

It’s amazing to think that we are almost ‘there’: we have the books and now just need to buy some book trolleys before we can get started. To aid our fundraising efforts we are holding a ‘bake for books’ event throughout March and are requesting that as many people as possible hold a coffee morning, cake sale, afternoon tea …….basically anything cake related. We will also be holding a number of give-aways so do look out for some fab cookery books that will be up for grabs during March.




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Today is International Book Giving Day 2013!



This year we are participating in International book giving day by distributing books to children staying at the El Ketter Hospital in Algiers.

The day is all about getting books into as many hands as possible, a family member, stranger, local group, friend or charitable organisation it can be whoever you wish.

Along with distributing books to sick children we are also collecting them for our travelling library project: we are just 77 away from our target of 1,000! So if you are looking for someone to gift a book to then, look no further- we would love to have it! Our Amazon wish list can be found here or you can send new or gently used books to the usual address.

book appeal logo


We also need to buy some shelving for the library so, to help with our fundraising efforts we are selling some original ‘one of a kind’ bookmarks that have been made from vintage books. There are only 100 available, they are priced at 50p each with an additional 50p (for however many bought) for uk postage and £1 (for however many you buy) for the rest of the world.  There are two styles to choose from but obviously the  image / wording on each will be different. You can buy by sending a cheque/postal order made payable to Algerian Action or via paypal using the email algerianaction@london.com Please remember to include details of how many you want and if you would like style 1 or 2.

Style #1




So really all that’s left to say is: Have a great day!


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January round up

January was a been a super busy month!

Our book appeal has really taken off and in just one month we have managed to collect almost 700 books of superb quality. We have a target of 1,000 which we need to reach before the summer when the library is due to open so, there is still a little way to go .

Below are just some of the books received in the last week or so.


Fab clothing has also been donated this month, including some lovely things for our baby pack project. The warmer weather will soon be here in Algeria so we are now starting to collect t.shirts, shorts ect so that it can all be shipped over in good time.



As I mentioned in a previous post, this year we will be assisting a women’s refuge. So far we have already given some toiletries, underwear and other essentials. The refuge  has a number of children there and a small play area has been created. We plan to develop this further and supply the organisation with a number of things for the children that live  there. These donated toys will help us make  a start.

JANROUND5  We have recently started working with a school in Baraki, Algiers and it is through them that we heard about the disabled teenager that had stopped going to school because her father was unable to continue carrying her in. Thanks to your generosity in just a few days we were able to raise enough to buy her a wheelchair.

During the fundraising campaign we were contacted by someone who wished to pay the whole amount, at that time the total had almost be raised so, it was suggested that this person could instead pay for a wheelchair for another, younger disabled  girl who attended the school. The supporter happily agreed, so January also saw two disabled girls become more mobile (pictures to follow). It seems that there are several children in need of this type of assistance and we are now looking into the best way we can try and help.

As always huge thanks for your tremendous support!

Have a fantastic February!

Emma x 


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International Book Giving Day 2013

Have you heard about International Book Giving Day? I hadn’t until a week ago. According to their site its all about getting new, used  and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible-which can only be a good thing. In my view the gift of a book is never a bad idea, especially when it’s given to a child who doesn’t have many or even any. ibgd2013International Book Giving Day is a volunteer led initiative with the purpose of increasing children’s access to books right around the globe. They aim to do this by encouraging people to give the gift of a book on February 14th.

It’s suggested that you could treat a friend or family member, secretly leave a book in a waiting room or (if you prefer something a little more sedate than ‘going in’ undercover) donate books  to a library, hospital or charitable organisation. Full details of the scheme can be found on their website along with some fab, free bookplates to download. 

So, how will Algerian Action be spreading the love on International Book Giving Day?

Well, we are planning to distribute children’s reading books along with colouring books and crayons to sick children staying in El Kettar Hospital, Algiers. These children are suffering from a variety of illnesses or are awaiting operations so could really do with cheering up -hopefully receiving a goody bag of books will do just that!

In addition, we will also be collecting books for our travelling library which is due to start operating this summer and will serve children in orphanages, hospitals and other community venues. Since starting our collecting campaign at the beginning of the year we have managed to accumulate almost 600 books which is just fantastic! Our target is 1,000 so  we are certainly getting there!


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