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DZ dollies (& other soft toys)

This year Algerian Action reaches it’s 10th Anniversary- how time flies! One of the ways we hope to mark the milestone is by giving as many children as we can a handmade doll or stuffed toy. From the beginning we have been giving children toys ,this isn’t anything new…in fact it was the distinct lack of toys that spurred me on to start the charity in the first place and it is for this reason that it seems so appropriate that a decade on, we continue our efforts and put as many toys as we can into the hands of children that need them.


The dolls/stuffed toys will be given to children all over- street children, orphans, refugees, those in hospital and those from the many families that struggle to make ends meet.

Now, as I have said so many times before ‘ we can’t do it without YOUR help’ I really am relying on you dear sewers , crafters , knitters and other kind supporters to help us pull this off. Algerian Action has always been about the small actions of many making a big difference…and believe me to the person wearing rags, to the one who is cold, to the one who is hungry, to the mother with nothing for her child your donations of clothing, blankets and food do make a big difference, they make every difference.


So, about the dolls or stuffed toys… I know what a creative bunch you are and I really want you to use your imagination and creativity- Remember, the doll that you make may be the only toy the child has or will ever have so make it special!

Just a few considerations-

*They shouldn’t be too large, I’m thinking around 15cm-25cm tall. Some children will receive toys as a group so it is better if toys are of a similar size.

*Make sure that any embellishments are securely stitched on so they wont fall off or be a hazard for younger children.

*They can be made using any fabric or yarn and can be in any colour.

That’s it, the rest is up to you!


We really want to give as many toys as we can so, if you know of a child (or children) living in Algeria that would love  a doll or soft toy to cuddle and play with please let me know by emailing me at info@algerianaction.co.uk 

And for those living in Algiers there are some fun, toy related children’s workshops being lined up for Spring so watch this space for more details coming soon!

As always, thank-you so much for your continued support.

Have a great weekend! Emma x

P.S. If you come across any fab free patterns please share and I will post them up to give others inspiration.

Edited to add– If you are not a crafter but, still want to help bought toys are very much appreciated too!



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Shopping in Algiers

I wanted to tell you about a new shop that has opened in Dely Ibrahim, Algiers. It is called Silver Rose and is a jewellery and gift boutique where everything on the shelves has been made by hand.

The shop is owned by me and two other ladies: Aishah and Meriem. Lots of things being sold have been made by the three of us but, we are also committed to providing shelf space to others who would like to sell their handmade creations and increase their income.


shop window

As you all already know, I love to craft, sew and make. I have done craft fairs so many times in the UK and it is just fabulous on a personal level to be able to have a shop. Aside from that though, it has given me the opportunity to do fundraising for Algerian Action as I donate 20% of all sales. Aisha also kindly donates 10% too.

So, if you are in Algiers anytime do pop in to see us, have a look around, buy handmade and support AA at the same time-there are some wonderful treats to be had!

aa silver rose

Have a great week!

Emma x

Oh, and if you happen to be in Algiers, make things by hand and would like to sell your wares at Silver Rose we would be very happy to hear from you!


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Calling all crafters and sewers!

You may remember me mentioning in my last post that next year we will be providing sensory packs to young children with special needs.

It has been lovely to read the private messages expressing support for this additional project and many have asked will the items included be made or bought. Well, I hope there will be a mixture. One of the lovely things about Algerian Action is that it’s not just about collecting money from people. From the beginning, the charity has been about people helping with their hands, whether that be through knitting, sewing or baking cakes to sell: it’s always be so much more personal than just money and with that in mind my thoughts are turning to what can be made for our sensory packs. My initial thoughts were about the bag itself. It needs to be sized to be manageable for a child, brightly coloured and have pockets inside.

I found this type of thing on pinterest, it’s called a busy bag.

busy bag

How difficult do you think it would be to make? There is a tutorial here but although I sew, I’m not great at following instructions. We need 50 for our first group of recipients.

Or do you have any other suggestions? Would LOVE to hear your ideas!

As aleays thank you so much for your help and  making a difference.


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Now is a really busy time for Algerian Action, our Eid appeal is well underway and lots of fabulous items are being donated for children in need. One shipment of Eid gifts and clothes has already been sent over and we plan to send another two before the end of Ramadan.

If you would like to help us make children smile this Eid ul fitr we would love to hear from you! We need donations of sweets, small toys, balloons and clothing which will all be given as gifts to children that have very little.

june eidapp

Of course, all of our other projects are ongoing and lots of gorgeous things have been donated to those too, in particular some lovely things for our ‘Baby pack project’ and some beautiful knitwear.


It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get my sewing machine out but, these gorgeous dresses donated by Carole have really inspired me to make some time…..

summer dress

Just to remind you, in a couple of weeks it is small charity week and we will be participating by holding an online Auction which will raise money for our food aid programme.


Lots of lovely things have already been donated to the Auction including a stunning candle set from this talented Henna artist.

candles pious If you are a crafter,artist or business owner and would like to donate something that can be auctioned off do get in touch!

Have a great week everyone!

Emma x


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Auction #10 Floral Pin cushion.

Auction #10

This is a large pin cushion in gorgeously bright colours!

It is made from felt, is hand-stitched and embellished with beads, leaves and flowers

It measures 11 cm accross and is approximately 3 cm in depth

Never lose your pins again!

To place a bid simply add your amount to the comments box below.

Starting bid is £2


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The rest of the week

Firstly as promised, here are pictures of the preloved clothing donated by Rebecca and the patchwork blankets which were sent in by Katherine.

Some lovely chunky jumpers were sent in by an anonymous donor

 Beautiful little cardigans plus  drawstring bags, notebooks and jewels for the Eid gift bags were donated by Carole.

A pretty crochet blanket, ladies underwear, preloved shirts and some fab Eid bags for boys were sent in by Anna.

four more gorgeous Eid gift bags from Helen, I really love the model paper aeroplanes for the boys and combs for the older girls – great ideas! 

Another excellent Eid gift bag, some tops for children and two pretty pastel blankets were donated by Anna’s Mum.

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful contributions.  It’s lovely to see so many bits and pieces and even ‘complete’ bags for the Eid project but, more about that in my next post. x

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Fantastic February


In many ways February has been a very busy month for the project.

Firstly, you have all been so generous with your giving that a staggering 1008 items were donated.  February saw such a wide variety of clothing, toiletries and toys arriving, everything is wonderful and will be put to very good use by those in need. Thank you everyone, you are amazing.

The beady eyed among you may have already noticed that two new pages have been added to the site, ‘most wanted’ and ‘events’.  Most wanted is a page dedicated to the needs of individuals and families that we are currently helping.  This page will be updated and items crossed through as donations are received.  Events is about well, events that Algerian Action will be hosting and attending-all in the name of fundraising and raising awareness of the project.  Lots of things are planned so do keep looking.

You may have also noticed the Facebook link.  It was suggested by someone much more computer savvy than me that there should be a Facebook page for Algerian Action.  Apparently every charity has one and now, so do we!

So, if you fancy chatting to me and fellow supporters of the charity then please feel very welcome to ‘become a fan’ and a ‘ friend’ by clicking on the facebook badge to your right.

Lastly, Our new project was launched the ‘Eid gift bag appeal 2010’ .  Your enthusiasm for this appeal has really warmed my heart.  Donations for this have already started to arrive so, I’m hoping it will be a huge success!

Oh, and an update-remember the family in the shed? well a big bag of clothing and other bits and pieces has been sent to them.  Thanks to your monetary donations we are in the process of sourcing a cooker for the family.  At least then the lady will be able to start her cake making business and begin to support her family financially.  It’s really wonderful that we have been able to help in this way as not only have some of the immediate needs been met but we have helped in the longterm too.  Work is continuing on the home but progress has been made.

As always, thank you so much for your support and generosity.  Have a marvellous March everyone!

Best wishes, Emma x

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