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March round up

March was yet another month for fantastic donations, gorgeous pre loved clothing, fabulous knits and lots of things for the Eid gift bag appeal.

Thank you so much to those who answered my plea for fabric bags. More are still needed so if anyone fancies dragging the sewing machine out and making a few it would be wonderful! 

 Thanks to everyone’s generosity a further fifty-one Eid bags were able to be made up in March.  There are still quite a few to do especially for the older children.  Actually, I’m a bit stuck as to what to put in the bags for boy’s age 12+, any ideas? Sue suggested solar-powered calculators or geometry sets which sound great but it would be really helpful to hear your ideas too.  

Still looking for short-sleeved patterns / links so if you have any please share. I’m trying a bolero pattern that Phyllis and Helen sent me.  It looks good so far.  Once I’ve finished it I’ll post a picture and if anyone is interested I’ll send them a copy of the pattern.

Thank you so much everyone for being so kind and thoughtful.  Your help with this is truly appreciated.

I hope you all have an amazing April!

Emma x

Oh and before I forget, the total amount of donations received throughout March was 1019 .Wow!



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January Round up

A massive 717 items were donated throughout January- what a brilliant start to the year!

A quick look through earlier posts will show you just how lovely and varied the things were: lots of hats, jumpers, cardigans, adorable baby sets, beautiful blankets, pens, pencils, toiletries, toys, pre-loved baby clothes………….You have been so generous!

People often e.mail me and ask ‘is there anything in particular that is needed?’ My usual reply is that everything is needed which is true. But actually, what is really needed right now is some clothing for older children.  By older I mean 5 years plus.  We have quite a shortage of things to fit bigger kids and our supply for teenagers is non-existent at the moment. Of course everything is gratefully received but, if you are looking for ideas then something in a big size would be fantastic!     

January also saw one of  our free patterns and information about the project featured in ‘lets get crafting’ magazine which is wonderful!

So a huge thank you to all those who made a contribution last month, your help and support is really appreciated.

Have a  fabulous February everyone!

Best wishes, Emma x

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Goodbye 09 Hello 2010

So here we are, 2009 has been and gone.  What a year it has been for our little project, we received almost 7,500 donated items and sent hundreds of kgs to those in need which is just absolutely amazing- well done everyone!

The project really grew last year in terms of supporters and donations which in turn meant that many more people could be helped.  This also meant that the cost of shipping increased too.  With this in mind more fundraising activities will need to take place  during 2010 to ensure that the project continues to grow, a few ideas are brewing so watch this space!  Our current work will continue and there will also be a few new mini projects which I hope you will help with.

This is just a tiny portion of the beautiful donations that were received last year.

So, I would just like to say thank you all for being so generous with your time, money and skills, thank you for thinking  of the people in Algeria and thank you for making a difference.  Without you this project wouldn’t exist.

Here’s to 2010, may it be a great year for Algerian Action and a fabulous one for all of you and your families! 

 My very best wishes, Emma x    

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Amazing April

What an absolutely fantastic month April has been for donations.  In total 1910 items were received, which is just incredible!

Thank you to everyone who made the time and effort to knit, crochet and craft something for a needy person in Algeria.

The next shipment is due to go in June so just a few weeks left if you would like your knits to be included, after that the next lot will hopefully go around the end of August.

Huge thanks as always, Emma


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Last week….

A parcel arrived from a lady in London, well actually she hadn’t done the knitting her young daughter had. With the help of some friends they managed to knit a whole heap of hats for the children in Algeria.

Thank you so much for all your hardwork and effort, I know that the kids will love their new clothes!

My Mum’s friend and work colleague called Elaine also made a donation last week.  She had made a  jumper, a cardigan and two hat and mitten sets. The clothes are so pretty! Thank you for taking the trouble to support the project, your help is really appreciated.


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While I was away….

While I was away two parcels of donations arrived.

One, which was from two ladies in york contained lots of hats, wonderful colourful hats!

 And the second parcel had a whole mixture of knitted garments and some knitted squares- I just love the glittery scarf!

Thank you so much for sending your donations in your help is much appreciated.  Sorry for not posting a thank you sooner.

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Well what can I say…

With 452 items received, November was a fantastic month for donations!

Thank you so much to everybody who took the time to make and send something in.  I can promise you that every item will be given directly to a baby or child in need.    

This is an ongoing project so I do hope you lovely ladies will continue to offer your support and for those of you who have never donated to Algerian Action before you are more than welcome to join in!

Best wishes, Emma x

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