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Who do we help?

The other day someone asked me who were the ‘type’ of people that we help. Type of people? well I said, we help… people. Just people, there is no type. Because here’s the thing, the people who we help are just the same as you and me. Today I’m doing OK and I hope you are too but, in the blink of an eye it could all be gone and I could be the one in need of help, just like you could.

In Algeria, there are many people whose lives are balanced on a knife edge. All it takes is one small change and everything can come tumbling down. There isn’t a safety net…there isn’t something in place to tide people over . No work means no food and if renting, no home either it is as simple as that. The fortunate have friends or family who can help out but, it’s not a long term solution nor is it guaranteed. This is exactly what has happened to Rachida, a lady I found out about yesterday. She got divorced, she was made redundant, she now lives with her son in a dilapidated building with no bathroom and no heating. A place with cracks on the walls and broken windows. A home with a kitchen that has fallen apart and a sink without plumbing. She has literally no income and relies on friends for food.


Rachida’s Kitchen

So, who do we help? we help the Rachida’s of the world, we help the people that need it and do as much as we can because in the blink of an eye it could so very easily be you or me walking in Rachida’s shoes.

Emma x



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Thank you for your patience!

With the move and so much else going on things have been a little upside down lately….there are lots of messages to reply to, emails to send, updates to give and pictures to post- Thank you for your patience!

But briefly, a little update-

Things are moving along with our first park project and a local welder has started to make some play equipment. The space is still being fixed up and plants are being prepared.


Hundreds of gorgeous handmade clothes , blankets and other wonderful creations have been sent in…here are just a few but more pics will follow shortly.


Some fantastic large shopper bags which are perfect for the baby packs that include big blankets or a few more clothes than usual.


The cutest elephants ever!


Fabulous bootees





Gorgeous clothing , blankets and colourful squares













I will add some more pics shortly, everything is absolutely wonderful and so appreciated by those in need. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Have a great week, Emma x

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Off to a great start!

Some fabulous things for our baby pack project were donated this past week, including lots of cute little vests and crocheted goodies.


In addition to other beautiful items these baby-gros were donated by http://www.daisydumplings.co.uk   Isn’t it  just such a fabulous idea to add a little ruffle collar and flower to a plain sleep suit to jazz it up! I’m not that great at crochet but if anyone who is fancies making a few flowers, I do have some baby gros that they could be added to 🙂


Plans for our travelling library are ‘full steam ahead’. Thank you so much to those who sent books in for our appeal and crafty stuff for the kids to use during the library craft sessions.

Our goal is to collect 1,000 books to start the library off- the donation of every book makes a difference, will help  fill the shelves and get us a little closer to our target!



As I mentioned previously, this year we hope to be able to assist a women’s refuge based in Algiers. We had a meeting with the director last week to find out a bit more about what their organisation does and to discuss ways in which we can help them. The women who live in this refuge have either been abandoned by their husbands or families, are  escapees from an abusive relationship or young women who have reached the age of 18 and so no longer have the right to stay in the orphanage where they previously lived. The aim of the refuge is to give these women somewhere clean and safe to stay but to also help them find a way to build a future for themselves. For example they help women find employment or training so that they can afford to live independently. At the time of our visit there were 12 women residents and 7 children although there is capacity for more.

The organisation does receive some state funding but it is not nearly enough and on one occasion last year the refuge ran out of food! It operates a bit like a normal home: the women and children share the cooking and eat together as a family. There are no cleaning staff ect the residents do all of this type of thing between themselves. As one would expect from people that have nothing materially, they are in need of everything especially the everyday items like soap, toothpaste, sanitary towels, clothing ect.

Some of the women housed also have their children with them and an area has been designated for them to play in. I can’t imagine how it must feel to be a child in this situation but I think it would be a nice gift if we could donate a toy box full of things to play with and some colourful cushions to brighten up the place a bit and make it a little more child friendly.

I will be visiting the refuge myself at the beginning of March and would love to take some things  at that time to the women and children who live there. I’m thinking along the lines of underwear, toiletries, towels and bedding plus some toys as mentioned above. Any help with that would be really gratefully appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


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Looking forward – 2013

It’s a bit of a tradition for a lot of people to start the new year with new plans and resolutions. Whether it be to lose 10 stone, book up a holiday of a lifetime or simply to eat more fruit, the start of a new year focus’s the mind on what one hopes to achieve in the coming months. So looking forward, along with continuing with all our usual projects here are just some of the goals that Algerian Action are aiming for in 2013-

The baby pack project– From the very beginning we have given clothing and essentials to destitute mothers for their newborns. We have always distributed these to women in the community but from this Autumn we have started to give them to women in the maternity ward of a hospital. In 2013 we intend to expand the project further by offering the packs to women in more hospitals and to supply an orphanage that specialises in assisting abandoned babies.

babypack project

A travelling library- This is our new big project. Starting in the summer we plan to operate a travelling library in Algiers. We will be visiting children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and other community venues and provide them with the opportunity to have books they would otherwise not have access to. We will also be holding fun story telling sessions and craft workshops too. The first step to achieving this aim is to reach our goal of collecting 1,000 books.

book appeal logo

Last year our Eid Appeal enabled us to give gifts, sweets and toys to 762 children. In 2013 we plan to reach even more children by adding 2 new areas to our list.

eid appeal2013

In addition, we have recently found out about a women’s refuge based in Algiers that are really in need of help. Organisations like refuges are  very few and far between in Algeria yet they are most definitely needed and a vital resource for some women. We are currently in discussion with the directors about how we can best offer help and support so, offering assistance to those women in need is also an aim for 2013.


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Most of the work of Algerian Action involves helping needy babies and children. However these children will usually in fact, will always come from families who are also in need so whereever possible we do what we can to help the adults out too.

 A few weeks ago a friend who lives in Algiers, told me something that I didn’t at first believe, She told me that she had met  women who were using bin liners as sanitary towels. They simply did not have the money to buy such luxuries so managed with black sacks. Apparently because of the expense this happens quite frequently. 

 I am realistic enough to know that it would be impossible to buy and distribute pads every month.  So, I think the best and probably  the only way to help would be to make washable  pads that ladies could re-use.

 With this in mind I have  dusted off my sewing machine and have made up a super easy pattern that I will add to the ‘free patterns’ page shortly.  There are of course plenty of other patterns available free on line which could also be used.  They are really quick to make and are perfect for using up scrap fabric. If you would like to join me in making these ladies a little more comfortable your help would be really appreciated.        


** The pattern has been added and can be found under the heading ‘Project washables ‘ at the top of this page.


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