World book day 2016!

It seems as if there is a ‘day’ for everything if one bothers to look into it…commercialism perhaps? I remember many years ago my Nan being appalled at the introduction of ‘Grandparents day’ and we were all warned to not even think of buying her a gift or a card as she thought it was just a way for ‘them’ to make more money! Wise words maybe. However, looking at the calendar for the next few weeks to pick a suitable date for our new book launch.. the 3rd March, World book day just seemed entirely appropriate!

rsz_litterbugcover-page-001     Our latest book entitled ‘The litter bugs’ charts the tale of a group of  bugs who are persuaded to change their messy ways by a swarm of nature loving bees. The story, which is written in both English and Arabic aims to teach young children about the importance of looking after the environment in a fun and colourful way.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund the creation of community gardens and green spaces via our ‘Just one seed’ scheme. The book will also be distributed to children in Algeria to raise awareness of environmental issues.

The book is 20 pages long and is 210mm square in size. It is priced at £3 plus postage  and will be sold exclusively from our website.  **Up until the 3rd March you can pre-order it here and get FREE UK delivery. ** 

Happy reading!

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Welcome February!

February is here already- wherever does the time go! We have been super busy lately and judging by the fabulous donations that have been arriving you have been too!

Look at  these gorgeous cardigans for our baby packs-aren’t the sparkly buttons just lovely?!


I don’t have the patience to knit for anyone bigger than a baby but, I am so glad that some of you do and with such beautiful workmanship too!


More perfect pastel creations for our baby packs which are appreciated so much by our new (or new again) mums.



Plus fantastic colourful blankets!


Thank you all so much for your generosity and support it means the world to us!

Have a great weekend, Emma x


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Are you ready to join hands and make some noise?

just one seed  cover

Just one seed is our newest and biggest project yet and a little different to anything that we have done before. It is an environmental project which will show that even the smallest of actions can create big changes.

This year we will be encouraging children and young people to care for their environment and learn about nature in fun and creative ways. We have also set ourselves the challenge to fill neglected areas with colourful flowers and create beautiful community gardens in a number of places.

Our first adventure is to create a community garden complete with play area and seating in Meftah, an area just a little outside of the capital. This garden will be a place for the whole community to enjoy. It will provide a fun space for children to play in and an area for adults to sit and relax. Through creating and caring for the garden  It will be a place for people to come together, share their skills, gain new experiences, care for the environment and make a long lasting difference. The benefits for everyone are far reaching.  Work has already started on our first garden and we are so excited and totally thrilled at the prospect of turning mud and debris into something gloriously beautiful and beneficial but, to do it we really need your help.

In Algeria there is a saying: one hand can’t clap. individually, even with the best of intentions we are limited, but collectively the possibilities are endless. Together we can do so much more, together we can make our community gardens a reality . Are you ready to join hands and make some noise?

park re

The ‘before’ picture!


How to help:

We would love for you to donate seeds. We really hope to nurture plants from all over the world and your donation of even just one seed could help us do that. We are up for a challenge so all types of seeds are very welcome-flowers,herbs,fruit,vegetables we are happy to try them all!

If you are in Algiers and fancy volunteering to get your hands dirty please get in touch (our email is we would love to hear from you!

Alternatively you may like to sponsor something beautiful for our gardens and green spaces. This is a great way for groups, individuals and businesses to support our work. Sponsorship starts at just a ‘one off’ £1. for more details on how to help in this way visit our website.


Just one seed is all it takes to make a difference. You can make that difference.

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Hello Sunshine

well maybe not for a while yet! however when the time comes the little lady who receives this adorable vest will be well prepared!


Lots of beautiful items have been arriving and I have posted just a few pics below. As always thank you so much for all of your efforts.


Aren’t the heart buttons adorable?! The baby project is one that is very close to my heart. I have been blessed to have been able to prepare a hospital bag full of clothes and stuff 5 times over for my own children and am so happy that with your help we can help women who have so little for their newborns get together an outfit and other essentials.




Some fabulous treats to stash away for later in the year. These party bag treats are just perfect for our Eid gifts!


And I am thrilled to say we have received our first donations of seeds…more about this, our latest project in my next post!


Thank you so much for making a difference.

Emma x


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Can you help in 2016?

Beautiful knits, squares and pre-loved clothing has continued to arrive and all in time to catch our next shipment, thank you so much! If you still wish to donate items to our ‘Warm for Winter’ appeal it needs to reach us by 15th Jan to be sent off in our next batch.  Now though, I am rather looking forward to thinking about Spring and the warmer weather….I remember making some really easy pillowcase dresses last year and hope to make a few more again.


Talking of thinking ahead, these fab bracelets were also donated this week. When I saw them my first thought was how perfect they will be for our Eid gift bags. Eid will fall around the beginning of July so there is only six months to get organised and you know how time flies…..


People often get in touch to ask what is most needed and the short answer is ‘everything’. Clothing to fit all ages is always in big demand however, at the moment there seems to be an extra special need for baby clothing. Our baby pack project is what started Algerian Action off nine years ago and it continues to be needed, at times more than ever before. Our packs contain a blanket, a vest, a baby-gro, a cardigan/jumper, a hat and some mittens. When possible we also like to include a small toy. The aim is simply to ensure that new babies have something clean and warm to wear. Our stocks are running low on everything so all and anything sized newborn, 0-3 months and even 3-6 months is really needed right now. As always items can be new, pre-loved or handmade. They can be in any colour and in the case of knits can be made from any type of yarn.

baby packs

Now for something new, I was going to wait a few weeks but, actually I am too excited about our latest project to not share now! I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before but, I am an avid gardener, actually I think I am quite addicted to anything plant related so I am totally thrilled that we have been given the opportunity to help turn this barren scrub-land into something lush and amazing!

As you can see from the pic- it is going to involve a lot of hard-work! The aim is to create a beautiful, inclusive outdoor space complete with playground and seating that will provide a clean and safe recreational area for the local community.


This really is a fantastic opportunity to make a long lasting difference to so many people. We are currently drawing up the plans and working out what will be needed so watch out for updates on how you can help! In the meantime though, I wanted to make a special request for seeds. It would be amazing to have plants growing in the park that have come from all over and it would really represent the wider community spirit of Algerian Action and our belief that small actions can make a big difference- just think- one small seed can make a difference! Will you help us to make a global garden?

The climate is Mediterranean so plants that like dry conditions and/or sunshine might do best but, I am happy to try and grow anything and am always up for a gardening challenge!

If you can help do please include your name and the area you are from with your seed(s) as I want to have a map showing where all the support has come from.

Lastly  before I forget, I wanted to let you know about a A series of colouring pages and activities that we have created for our younger supporters. They are aimed at teaching children facts about Algeria in a fun and creative way. New pages will be added every week and they are free to download from our website.

pen word

As always thank you so much for your continued support. Together, lets make 2016 the best year yet!

Have a great weekend, Emma x




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Inspirational creations

In among the marvelous donations that have arrived recently were these two poncho’s from Jan- along with some super easy instructions  on how to make them. Using some of the fantastic 5”squares that have been donated I had a go and am so pleased to see how a few squares can so easily and quickly be turned into something warm and wearable.

jane poncho


Below are squares for our knitted coats, blankets and now ponchos! We are still collecting squares, they can be made from any yarn in any colour and should ideally be around  5”in size.


So many beautiful things have been arriving for those in need, and so much attention to detail -here are pics of just a few of them.

don1don3don4don5hats don 2

As always thank you so much for your kindness and support, your efforts really do make a difference to those in need.

Have a fab day!

Emma x

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Thank you!

Thank you so much to all of you who have been sending beautiful blankets in! They will all make great additions to our baby packs and will be appreciated so much by our new mum’s to be. Huge thanks for the beautiful clothing too! Below are just a few pictures: a sample but, everything donated is very gratefully received.Thank you!




We have been very busy this last few weeks making preparations for our Winter appeal. As always, during the coldest months we will be giving blankets and warm clothing to those most in need. If you are in the UK and wish to donate clothing or other items we need to receive your donations by the end of November to ensure that they reach Algiers in time for when they are needed most. No donation is ever too small….a pair of gloves, a hat or a pair of socks makes the world of difference to someone who is cold with no way of getting warm.


Right now I am busy stitching squares together to make multi coloured wearable blankets! I hope you too have a fun, craft filled October planned!

Emma x

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