Poncho perfect

The other week we received a donation of a brightly coloured poncho- it was totally lovely and just the perfect thing for the colder weather. It got me thinking that actually, ponchos are the perfect item of clothing to give to those in need as it isn’t a fixed size so, can be shared by siblings.

colourful poncho

So, I thought I would have a go at making a knitted version myself and oh my goodness, it was so simple and such a quick knit- basically knit two rectangles and sew them together, add an edge and attach some tassels. my 5 year old has claimed this one as hers but I plan to make more for some of the girls in Algeria as I know they will adore them!

pink poncho

More brilliant donations have been sent in the past week- here are just a few pics but huge thanks to all those who have given.



Progress is being made on our blanket coats, I hope to show the first creation very soon!  Each one will take approximately 115 knitted/crocheted 5” squares so any help with this would be much appreciated.

Hoping you have a wonderful start to September!

Emma x


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Knitting and crochet donations & a challenge!

Lots of beautiful baby blankets have been arriving which is wonderful as these are so very needed for our baby packs at the moment. Here are just a few,thank you so much to all of those who have donated!

blankets1 blankets3 blankets4 blankets5 blankets2 pink cardigan

Yes,I know we are still in August but, Autumn is just around the corner and my thoughts are already turning to the colder months and thinking of ways to ensure that those in need are kept warm enough throughout Winter.

For a long time now we have given handmade blankets out- (made from squares as it is soooo much more manageable to knit a 6” square than it is to make a great big blanket all by yourself!) but, this week I saw something that looked amazing…a dressing gown/long cardigan/coat that was made from squares. How much easier it would be to stay warm each day by wearing a piece of clothing made from squares rather than needing to swaddle up in a blanket.

crochet jacket

So is anyone up for the challenge? I have worked out that roughly it will take 112 (gulp!)  5” squares to make one dressing gown/coat that will fit most people.

If you would like to join in and help those in need in this way all you need to do is knit or crochet a 5” square and send it in….or if you are feeling really brave and energetic you could have a go at making a whole one by yourself!

All colours and types of yarn can be used.

Cant wait to see what beautiful creations we can come up with!

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Calling all crafters….

we need your help!


I know that it is summer time and that the weather is hotting up but we really need your help to make blankets!

As you probably know one of the ways we help those in need is through our baby pack project where we give destitute mothers a pack containing essentials for their new born.  Along with clothing and other necessities we give a blanket and it is these that we have almost run out of.

Being a not so patient crafter myself I totally appreciate that making a blanket-even a baby sized blanket can be a bit of a slog so I am asking if, instead of taking on that challenge you could knit or crochet some squares that can be then sewn together? We have done this before collectively and the results were beautiful. I hope you can help do it again!

As always yarn can be any type and any color. Squares should be roughly 5″x5″ in size.

Thank you so much for your support.

Have a great Sunday! Emma x


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Shopping in Algiers

I wanted to tell you about a new shop that has opened in Dely Ibrahim, Algiers. It is called Silver Rose and is a jewellery and gift boutique where everything on the shelves has been made by hand.

The shop is owned by me and two other ladies: Aishah and Meriem. Lots of things being sold have been made by the three of us but, we are also committed to providing shelf space to others who would like to sell their handmade creations and increase their income.


shop window

As you all already know, I love to craft, sew and make. I have done craft fairs so many times in the UK and it is just fabulous on a personal level to be able to have a shop. Aside from that though, it has given me the opportunity to do fundraising for Algerian Action as I donate 20% of all sales. Aisha also kindly donates 10% too.

So, if you are in Algiers anytime do pop in to see us, have a look around, buy handmade and support AA at the same time-there are some wonderful treats to be had!

aa silver rose

Have a great week!

Emma x

Oh, and if you happen to be in Algiers, make things by hand and would like to sell your wares at Silver Rose we would be very happy to hear from you!


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Make a difference to a family in need this Ramadan.

We are now less than a month away from Ramadan and are busy organising the food packs for our families in need. Like previous years the packs will contain a selection of essential products like oil, flour, tomatoes and cous cous along with a few treats.

Can you help a family break their fast after a long hot day?
We need donations of non perishable food items or monetary donations. Every donation will make a difference- the difference between eating and staying hungry. Nothing is ever too small.

As usual, we will also be distributing sweets, and small gifts to children in celebration of Eid ul Fitr so donations of this type are also very much appreciated.- Balloons, pencils, bouncy balls….you know the type of thing!

If you can help in any way at all please get in touch and remember to share our poster with your family and friends

As always, thank you so much for your continued support!



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Thank you!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to of all of those that participated in the Winter Wonder event at the weekend. It was very much a last minute thing to help raise some extra funds for the increasing number of families that are needing help. But, thanks to your efforts of sharing, liking and giving it was possible to raise a total of £310 through auction sales and one off donations because of the interest the event generated.

4hours   A special thanks to the small businesses that donated items to the Auction too. (Links of these can be found in the sidebar).

business collageThe money will be used to buy additional supplies of blankets and other items to help those in need keep warm this winter.(Pictures to follow shortly).

Have a great week everyone!

Emma x

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Gorgeous pins up for grabs!


Head on over to our facebook page to enter.

***Giveaway 3: a beautiful set of Rubina Kadir pins””
An assortment of 12 pretty,hand-crafted pins made from Swarovski Crystal, Chinese Crystal, Vintage Silver and Czech faceted beads.
To enter: simply like the page (if you haven’t already) and like this post.
Open to all wherever you are in the world.
The giveaway ends at 11pm on 21st Dec and a name will be chosen randomly by an online, automated name picker.

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