It gets better


This week has been absolutely super for donations!!!

January has been a typically gloomy month weather-wise unlike  the donations which  seem to be getting more and more colourful, they certainly brighten my day and will be adored by the lucky recipients. Take a look-   

Gorgeous jumper and hat sets and a wonderful patchwork blanket were donated by Doris.

Soft and snuggly hats arrived from Angie. 

A super fluffy cardigan and tank top along with a pretty pale mint cardigan were sent in by Kathy. 

Gorgeous crochet blankets, scarves, hats, mittens and a cuddly toy were all donated by Barbara. 

A  little striped jumper from an anonymous donor. 

Cute, colourful baby  hats came from Noreen.

Chunky knitted squares were sent in by Mrs Lynch.

Gorgeous baby sets, the most beautiful blankets and much-needed jumpers for older children were donated by Phyllis.

Perfect hats and squares were donated by Judith.

Really lovely pre-loved baby clothes were sent in by Fitzy. 

Another batch of summer striped jumpers from Celia.

More lovely baby knits from Alice and her 86-year-old Aunt Greta. 

A rainbow of colour poured out of the box that came from Penny and the Otley knitting group- dazzling jumpers, hats and a diamond blanket!   

Beautiful toddler sized  jumpers, pretty baby sets and a pair of striped mittens were donated by Pauline in Royston.

which just leaves me to say thank you, a HUGE thank you to everyone  for being so, so generous!


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