And more……….

 So without further ado, here are more lovely things to gaze at-

Cute and colourful vests were donated by the St. Mary’s Mother Teresa Group in Aldershot.

Lots and lots of knitted squares, hats, jumpers and crochet flowers from the knitting constituents of MP David Drew . 

Gorgeous baby knits came from Christine.

A fabulous collection of baby cardigans, new and preloved clothes were donated by Alice.

Blankets, hats and cardigans  came from the Otley knitting group.


Beautiful baby clothes from an anonymous donor.

Six fabulous knits came from Sue, I love the brown striped one!

Our star pillow case dress maker  Carole has done it  yet again with some beautiful creations! She also sent some lovely baby cardigans too!

What a wide variety of beautiful things! Thank you sincerely for being so wonderfully generous with your time and skills.


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