Holiday time

The school holidays in Algiers are now here so it is time for our crafty workshops to begin…

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Starting this Wednesday, we  have planned 6 sessions for children aged 5-11 to have some fun playing with puppets along with making a few of their own to take home. If you have booked places I look forward to seeing you sometime over the next two weeks! If you are in Algiers or will be during the Summer watch out for our crafty holiday programme that we are planning right now which will be jam packed with arty crafty fun.

We are also hoping to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather by sowing seeds and  planting some flowers and plants as part of our ‘Just one seed’ project.

Have a great week!

Emma x

Oh, and before I forget..a big, big thank you to everyone who has been sending in fabulous donations……Pictures are being taken and I will post some up shortly, but in the meantime here are just a few of the sweet, soft toys that have arrived..

teddy bears





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2 responses to “Holiday time

  1. Fatma K.

    Hi, i tried to contact you via Facebook and your website. I live in Algiers and i would like to discuss how i can help your effort. For instance you say that we can devote our time as a form of support. Exactly what do you need? I would like to help but i dont know how. Do you have an office in Algiers?

    Thanks. Have a good day.


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    • Emma

      Fatma, Sorry for the difficulty you have had in reaching us.Thank you for your interest, I have sent you an email. Hope to meet you soon!

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