Another hat to try

mesh hat

Here is another hat for you to try.

The pattern is for newborn size but it wouldn’t be too difficult to make it for an older baby.

Its a simple knit using just knit and purl stitches but the mesh pattern at the bottom adds a pretty effect. The pattern can be found on the ‘my free patterns page’ under ‘mesh hat’ if you find any errors please let me know and I will make amendments.



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4 responses to “Another hat to try

  1. Pauline Gallette

    Can’t get the pattern for the Mesh Hat—free pattern.

  2. Beth

    Hello! I love the look of your MESH HAT and can’t wait to try out the pattern. I am a novice knitter and was wondering if this pattern is done on circular needles, straight needles, or double pointed needles? I noticed your last instruction states “Cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches, sew up seam…” I’m knitting hats for our local hospital and am quite fond of the two circular needle method.

    • Emma

      Hi Beth! This pattern is for two straight needles but, I know that some people have made it successfully knitting in the round and using circular needles.
      Great to read that you are helping your local community through craft 🙂

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