March week #2

Another fabulous week (well a few days  longer than a week) full of donations!

Beautiful boys jumpers and hats were sent in by Rhoda in Shetland.

A collection of colourful short sleeved jumpers were donated by Catherine.

A beautiful crochet blanket made using all different shades of green and a handmade fabric hat were sent in by Freya.

Lots of hats came from an anonymous donor.

Pre-loved tops and track suit bottoms, underwear, socks, a hat along with the cutest lacy bootees and a pink cardigan were donated by Jan

Jan also sent in the most gorgeously scented soap, with names like ‘toffee apple’. I just wish that you could smell them!


Pretty pink hats came from Pat.

Wonderful hand-towels, flannels a poncho and two cardigans were donated by Angela in Stoke on Trent.

A striped hat from one anonymous donor and lots of other baby hats from another.

Beautiful jumpers that will fit older children were donated by Phyllis

A colourful hat and two jumpers came from Karen

Lots of colourful knitted squares were donated by Rosemary.

Fabulous things for the Eid gift bags, underwear and several pairs of glasses were donated by Angela.

Some wonderful Eid gift bags full up with treats were donated by Helen. She also sent in some underwear, hair bobbles and some preloved t.shirts.

A huge box of fab children’s clothes were donated by Rebecca and two pretty  pastel blankets were donated by Katharine, I haven’t got any room left to put pictures up here so they will be in the following post.

Thank you, thank you, thank you -EVERYTHING is brilliant!


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  1. Masha’a’Llâh, brillant !!!

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