Bumper week #2

As promised here are the rest of the piccies!

Great items for the Eid gift bag appeal came from Angela. I really love the idea of skipping ropes, such a simple thing but able to give hours of fun!

Pretty baby hats were donated by Brenda.

A fabulous collection of Eid treats, cloth bags,blankets and knits were donated by Frances

Beautifully made sanitary towels complete with drawstring bags were sent in by Evelyn.

Brightly coloured knitted blankets were donated by J. Brackstone and M. De Bruin both of Gosport.

Eid goodies, and cloth bags full of treats along with baby knits and clothing were all donated by Pat Wilson


And lastly, a huge box full of beautiful blankets were donated by L. Honour.

Isn’t everything just fabulous! Thank you all so, so much for being so kind and generous in your giving.


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