May round up

Phew, what a busy month May was.

The beginning of the month saw me recovering from an operation which was quite debilitating and to be honest really threw any sense of organisation out of the window!  I haven’t been completely discharged yet but I am feeling a million times better and am making a start on trying to catch up with everything.

Hundreds and hundreds of items, a fabulous 1,832 to be exact were donated throughout May.  The kindness and generosity of people never ceases to amaze me. You all are amazing.

When I think back to three years ago when the project first started I find it hard to believe how this little charity has grown and developed so much. From receiving around 50 items a month to near on 2,000. From helping a handful of people in Algeria to helping hundreds.  When Algerian Action first started the aim was really just to give new-born babies clothing.  From that single aim four other schemes have grown including project washables and the Eid Appeal which has enabled us to help so many different sections of the community in Algeria.  There are even two more mini projects being planned which I will update you about once the details have been finalised. What I can tell you now though, is they are both completely new and very exciting!

May also saw our first fundraising event of the year. The Craft fair. It was wonderful to see so many beautiful products for sale all of which had been hand crafted by the stall holders. There were not quite as many visitors as we had hoped for but having said that almost £400 was raised for the charity which I think is just fantastic!  Another fair is being planned for later in the year. Algerian Action will also be attending a number of events, having a stall and promoting the charity. If any of you would be interested in making cloth totes, cards, jewellery or other items which could be sold at the fair to raise funds for the project please let me know it would be wonderful to have your help in this way.

I’m late with this post but, I hope that the rest of June will be filled with crafty happiness for all of you.

Love Emma x



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3 responses to “May round up

  1. Pat Wilson

    Hello Emma,
    Had no idea you were having such a rough time! Hope
    all is well with you now. When is the last date for the Eid project and thanks for the offer of post help
    to my grandchildren, its very much appreciated.
    All best wishes Pat

  2. evelyn kilvington

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, don’t rush it though.
    I would be able to make some items for the autumn craft fair. I make cards, cross stitch, quilling etc, but I can do most things, sewn, crochet, knitting,what kind of things were you hoping for?

  3. Fitzy

    I think the work you do is so fantastic and I truly hope you are on the mend. You are an inspiration emma x

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