You may have noticed I’ve not been around for a while. 

Nothing terrible happened, just that our internet provider changed and there were problems with the change over. Being without internet access was tedious to say the least and made many things just impossible to do.

I have tried my best to photograph everything that has been donated so many, many pictures will follow shortly. So many beautiful things have been arriving and it has been great fun looking at all of the little treats that you have been sending in for the Eid project.

Things have been ticking over, plans are being made for holding an Autumn Fair and the details of another project are just being finalised. We had a stall at the Hopeland Ladies day and managed to raise £105 for Algerian Action, which I think is not bad at all! On a personal note I have finally been given a clean bill of health from the hospital so, onwards and upwards as they say!    

Loads more to follow but here are just a few of the fabulous things that have been donated……………………..           

Fabulous tops for older boys were sent in by Anna.

A box full of cute baby hats from Cheryl.

A gorgeous collection of knits, toys and sweets were donated by Alice and Aunt Greta.

Cute, colourful hats were donated by Tina.

A wonderful collection of pencils, treats and knits were donated by Helen and Phyl  

Fantastic jumpers and hats were sent in by an anonymous donor.

Fabulous shoes, bags and clothes in all different sizes were donated by Rebecca.

A super soft Ladies jumper,a pastel blanket and some lovely bubble bath foam were sent in by Anna.


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  1. Frances

    Dear Emma,

    I’m so glad to see that you are back and that you are well again.

    Do you need any more bags for the Eid project and is it too late to send pillow-case dresses?

    I would love to make some things for the Autumn Fair, but as I have never been to a craft fair I do not know what sells best/raises most money. I am thinking of knitted/crochet baby cardigans and dolls clothes, and knitted toys e.g.little mice. If any or all of these are hard to sell please tell me, also what is most profitable. If you have any suggestions for other items I would be most grateful.

    Very best wishes


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