Beautiful Algeria

I’m often writing about the desperate situations that children and families in Algiers are living in, but today I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the beauty of the city.

Algeria is a beautiful country bursting with historic monuments, fabulous architecture and breath-taking natural beauty. Algerian Action currently only assists families living in Algiers but I think I may share some images of other areas- the Sahara for one is outstanding!

Have a happy Friday everyone and a fantastic weekend whatever you get up to!



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6 responses to “Beautiful Algeria

  1. justanote

    Salams sister , I would like to enquire of how to set up something in Tebessa , algeria how did you begin, did you need special permission locally ? What are the best options for getting things over there ,
    Unshallah sister if you do not or can not for any reason cover this area I would like to set up something similar , you are such an insperation , like you I also saw poverty out there that made me want to do something ,, and in small ways a i have but would like the oppertunity to do something more now salams sister keep up the excellant work

  2. Oum Nassim

    Salam. Is it possible to drop off to your charity in Algeria some clothes etc and some things I am making.

    • Emma

      Salaam Oum Nassim, Yes you are welcome to drop off donations to an Address in Algiers- it’s in the Casbah. Where will you be staying? if that area is inconvenient to get to we can arrange for the items to be collected insha’Allah.
      Thank you so much for your offer of help
      Emma x

  3. Yes you are right, I want to tell you that Algeria is the most beautiful country in Africa, I hope you to see this topic and give me your opinion
    Thank you

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