A little update

Sooo much is going on at the moment.

Our Spring Fair, our first fund~raising event of the year will be taking place on Sunday 6th March, that’s just a little over two weeks away! There is so much work involved in putting on an event like this but we hope it will be worth it. We are fully booked for stalls now and some really lovely products will be available including hand~crafted jewellery, candles,paintings, clothing, books, toys, body creams and lotions not to mention the fabulously delicious food! We will be having our own stall selling a variety of items. HUGE thanks to all of you who have sent, or are planning to send things in for the stall, the toy patterns sent in by an anonymous donor are just lovely!

The ‘Cake and a cuppa’ campaign launched last week is going well. Five people have been in touch already to say they are planning events. This really is such a simple idea that can be pretty much be done anywhere by anyone with great results.  If you would like to help by holding a ‘cake and a cuppa’ event in your area take a look at our short info sheet that offers tips and ideas on making your event a success.

The family in need continue to be one of our main priorities. Thank you so much to those of you who have sent in clothing, toiletries and other items. We will be sending a second bag to them in two~three weeks time. As I mentioned before, what this family really need is somewhere dry and secure  to live, a proper home.  The amount needed is £1,700 I’m very pleased to say that so far Algerian Action have  raised £320 towards the cost which is a really great start and my friend in Algeria with her group  have already raised a little over £400, they are also holding a private sale on Saturday to try and raise even more funds.

If we all help just a little bit we can make a real difference to this family and many more like them. Thank you so much to all of you who so generously give your support.


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  1. Jazaka’LLâhu kheyr ! Hope you have a very good time Sunday 6th March !

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